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100 Years Ago – Wairarapa’s Ranfurly Shield attempt

BACK ROW: J.Ewington, L.Johnson, G.Yates, W.Fitzgerald, D.How, A.Hodge, L.Johnson, A.Cauldron, J.Ashton,S.Munns. MIDDLE ROW: A.Tait, S.Dickson, A.Desmond, A.Booth (Manager), H.J.McKenzie (Captain), G. Ross,W. Darvill. FRONT ROW: W. Redmond, C.Groube, K.Donald, J.Clark.

Only days after Newspapers reported (5th August 1914) that Britain had declared war on Germany, Wairarapa were already under way in their 1914 season with a record of 1 win against Hawkes Bay and 1 loss to Wellington so far  they then travelled to Stratford for the third game of the season.

A Ranfurly Shield attempt against holders Taranaki as they looked to defend the Shield for the 5th time since wrestling it off Auckland at the end of 1913.

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