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{PRESS RELEASE} 2014 Heartland and Representative Season review

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6th November 2014

To: Clubs, WBRU, WBRRA, Media

2014 Heartland and Representative Season review

The WBRU Board has reviewed the Heartland and representative season.

Overall the season has been mixed and while we have 7 national representative players from the union in 2014, the end result of finishing 11th was below expectations in the Pink Batts Heartland competition.

2015 Heartland Season

The WBRU Board will be seeking applications for the coaching position via a contestable process for the position of Head Coach of the Trust House Wairarapa Bush Heartland team for 2015. All details will be available on the WBRU website and through normal media channels from Saturday 8th November 2014.

The WBRU Board has the highest regards for Mark Rutene and his management team and especially what he has achieved since taking over the team in 2011.

We wish to also acknowledge the great accomplishment of making the semi-finals in the 2012 and 2013 seasons of the Meads Cup. Mark and the team also had to deal with factors outside their control and worked diligently within restraints imposed on the union over the last two years.

Any decision on Mark re-applying for the role will be left up to him and his team, though we can say the 2014 Heartland review presented to the Heartland Review Committee by Mark, Paddy Gough and Gavin Hodder was professional, thorough and detailed.

Tony Hargood


Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union

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