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Highlights from the 44th AGM of the Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union


Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union

Highlights from the 44th Annual General Meeting held on 13th May 2015

  • The WBRU recorded an audited surplus of $26,420.00 for the 2014 financial year.
  • Roddy McKenzie was made a Life Member of the WBRU for his services to rugby.
  • Rex Playle retired as President of the WBRU.
  • Richard Dahlberg was elected as President of WBRU.
  • Ritchie Robertson was elected as Vice President of WBRU.
  • Eric Kenny was re-elected as Patron of the WBRU.
  • Sellar and Sellar were re-appointed as Auditors.
  • Player numbers increased 7% from 2013 to 2014.
  • The Independent Directors re-selection process will be completed by July 2015 when an announcement of the Independent Directors will be made by the Board Selection Panel.
  • Paora Ammunson was re-elected as Chairman of the WBRU until the selection process has been completed.
  • Tim Nathan and Dennis Dougherty were reappointed as Council of Club representatives on the WBRU board.
  • The NZRU loan is on target to be paid in full during the 2015 financial year.
  • The WBRU achieved a balance scorecard result of 86% against its set key performance indicators for 2014.

Paora Ammunson
Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union