JAB Finals 24th-25 August

JAB Finals - Friday 24th August Friday U9 Final 4.30pm MRS vs Gladstone Turf 24-Aug U10 Final 4.30pm Marist White vs Pioneer Turf U11 Final 5.30pm MRS/Carterton vs Greytown Turf U13 Final 6.45pm Marist vs Gladstone Turf JAB Finals - Saturday 25th August Saturday U8 Semi-Final 1 9.30am Martinborough/Tuhirangi vs Carterton MRS 1a Semi-Final 2 9.30am Pioneer vs MRS MRS 1b 9.30am Greytown vs Eketahuna MRS 2b 9.30am Featherston vs Marist Green MRS 3a 9.30am Gladstone Black vs Marist White MRS 3b Gladstone Yellow - Bye Final 10.15am Semi-Final 1 Winner vs Semi-Final 2 Winner MRS 1a Semi-Final 1 Loser vs Semi-Final 2 Loser MRS 1b 10.15am Greytown vs Marist Green MRS 2b Featherston vs Eketahuna MRS 3a Gladstone

JAB Draw 17th – 18th August 2018

Friday 17 August U11 Semi-Final 2 5.30pm Greytown vs Martinborough/Tuhirangi Turf U13 Semi-Final 1 6.45pm Marist vs Southern Turf Saturday 18 August U13 Semi-Final 2 10.30am Gladstone vs Carterton Gladstone   MRS vs Bye   U11 Semi-Final 1 10.30am MRS/Carterton vs Eke/EC MRS   10.30am Marist vs Gladstone Marist   Featherston Bye   U10 Semi-Final 1 9.30am Marist White vs MRS Carterton 1a   Semi-Final 2 Pioneer vs Eketahuna Carterton 1b   Carterton vs Gladstone Carterton 2a   Marist Green vs Martinborough/Tuhirangi Carterton 2b   Martinborough Bye   U9 Semi-Final 1 9.30am MRS vs Greytown/Martinborough Marist 1a Semi-Final 2 East Coast vs Gladstone Marist 1b Carterton vs Marist Marist 2a U8 9.30am Pioneer vs Martinborough/Tuhirangi MRS 1a MRS vs Greytown MRS 1b Gladstone Black vs Featherston MRS 2a Carterton Bye Eketahuna vs Marist White MRS 3a Gladstone Yellow vs Marist Green MRS 3b 10.00am Carterton

2018 MoreFM Wairarapa Bush Club Awards ~ Nominations now OPEN ~

2018 MoreFM Wairarapa Bush Club Awards  Online Nomination Forms NOW OPEN CLICK HERE for Club Award Nominations CLICK HERE for College/Club Award Nomintions  To be received no later than Monday the 6th August 2018 CLUB AWARD Catergories Award Criteria Sir Brian Lochore Supreme Award – Club of the Year This is to recognize the club who has set a high standard of

2018 U13 Wairarapa Bush Squad

After the two training trials we have selected the 2018 U13 Wairarapa Bush Squad as follows: Hugo Branthwaite ~ Carterton Jesse Edwards ~ Carterton Mason Sinclair ~ Carterton Cyrus Wilson ~ Carterton Sam Barrell ~ Gladstone William Booth ~ Gladstone Conall Doyle ~ Gladstone Louis Oliver ~ Gladstone Conley Alexander ~ Greytown William Cole ~ Greytown Willie Fisaga ~ Marist Junior Malatai ~