Central Vikings

Formed 1996

The Central Vikings Rugby Union was founded in December 1996 with the merger of the Hawke’s Bay and Manawatu unions.

The Vikings were formed with the hopes of lifting themselves out of the 2nd division and to be competitive in the 1st division. The Central Vikings had two All Blacks in the team which included Bull Allen and Christian Cullen as well as featuring various Super 12 players such as Chiefs star Mark Ranby who later became an All Black himself. The Central Vikings finished 2nd in 1997 when they were beaten 63–10 by Northland but even if they had won, they weren’t allowed to progress into the 1st division. They finished 1st in 1998 when they beat the then Nelson Bays team, now part of Tasman Makos. They were subsequently allowed to progress to the 1st division. The Vikings however got into financial trouble and they split back to Hawke’s Bay and Manawatu for the 1999 season.

The Vikings were largely hindered in their second season after not only losing All Black legend Christian Cullen but also losing the then All Blacks Coach John Hart after Hart was advised he could not coach NPC, Super Rugby and All Black teams at the same time. Despite of these disadvantages the Vikings went on to win the second division and were picked to be a major force in the first division before financial problems prevented them from advancing and ultimately caused the end of the Vikings.


In December 1997 a special meeting of the Hawke’s Bay Rugby Football Union was held to decide the future of the Central Vikings Rugby Union. Eight of the Hawke’s Bay Union’s 21 clubs called the meeting to seek agreement for Hawke’s Bay to withdraw from the Vikings. A vote on a resolution calling for Hawke’s Bay to withdraw from the combined Hawke’s Bay–Manawatu team was lost, 7–12, in a secret ballot. Once the resolution was lost, HBRFU president Tom Mulligan said there was no reason for the meeting to continue. The Vikings were then given the all-clear to continue as an NPC second division rugby team.


1997 Season

The Central Vikings played their first match against Fiji in Palmerston North on June 2, 1997.

Date Comp Home team Score Away team Score
02-05-97 PS Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 10 Fiji Fiji 19
06-08-97 PS Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 38 Wellington Lions colours.png Wellington 21
23-08-97 NPC Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 72 Thamesvalley.png Thames Valley 0
30-08-97 NPC Whanganuicolors.png Wanganui 6 Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 42
06-09-97 NPC Kcountry.png King Country 35 Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 41
13-09-97 NPC Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 90 Nelsonbays.png Nelson Bays 21
20-09-97 NPC Scantab.png South Canterbury 7 Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 87
26-09-97 NPC NLTaniwha.png Northland 42 Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 13
03-10-97 NPC Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 10 Bopcolours.png Bay of Plenty 31
11-10-97 NPC Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 95 Wbush.png Wairarapa Bush 12
19-10-97 NPC Bopcolours.png Bay of Plenty 6 Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 29 Semi final
25-10-97 NPC NLTaniwha.png Northland 63 Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 10 Final
  • Note – PS = Pre Season, NPC = National Provincial Championship
  • Overall Season standing: 2nd

1998 Season

Former Manawatu rugby captain and All Black trialist Andrew McMaster returned from Ireland, where he had four years coaching the Monkstown club, to join the Central Vikings as the new Vikings assistant coach. The Central Vikings had a non-championship match against Southland on 1 August 1998. Southland only just managed to hold on to the game, although they scored five tries to the Vikings two. Southland 31 (P Taylor 2, P Alatini, B Leckner, P Miller tries; A Kimura 3 cons)

Central Vikings 29 (A Powdrell, D Bellamy tries; J Cunningham 2 cons, 5 pens). Halftime 19-13 to Southland.

Date Comp Home team Score Away team Score
01-07-98 PS Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 30 ManawatuTurbosColours.png New Zealand Marist XV 29
01-08-98 PS Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 29 SouthlandRugby.png Southland 31
22-08-98 NPC Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 79 Wbush.png Wairarapa Bush 12
29-08-98 NPC Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 43 MarlboroughRU.png Marlborough 11
05-09-98 NPC Thamesvalley.png Thames Valley 5 Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 52
12-09-98 NPC Nelsonbays.png Nelson Bays 18 Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 34
19-09-98 NPC Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 25 Whanganuicolors.png Wanganui 12
26-09-98 NPC Wbush.png Wairarapa Bush 3 Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 55
03-10-98 NPC Bopcolours.png Bay of Plenty 19 Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 37
10-10-98 NPC Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 29 Kcountry.png King Country 8
17-10-98 NPC Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 23 Kcountry.png King Country 20 Semi final
24-11-98 NPC Centralvikings.png Central Vikings 33 Bopcolours.png Bay of Plenty 18 Final
  • Note – PS = Pre Season, NPC = National Provincial Championship
  • Overall Season standing: 1st

Matches against Central Vikings

  • 3 games
  • 0 wins
  • 0 draws
  • 3 losses