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October 2nd Newsletter

Welcome to this week’s WBRU Newsletter for the 2nd October 2014

Wanganui vs Trust House Wairarapa Bush

2.30 pm Cooks Gardens  –  Wanganui

This will be broadcast live on Eketahuna FM 106.5

wang_new2_radio WAIRARAPABUSH

From 2.30pm Saturday 4th October

McCarthy Transport Wairarapa Bush U16
Hurricanes Tournament Napier

Under16s2014Team was placed 3rd in the Competition
Great Work Team

McCarthy Transport Wairarapa Bush U16
Are at the Hurricanes U16 Tournament in Napier

Results: vs Wellington Development Lost 15-7
Try to Jonas Tamihana Con to Brad Griffith

vs Horowhenau Kapiti Won 33-8
Tries to Ueta Tufuga, Chester Rothery, Jonas Tamihana Jack Loader, 3 x pen 2 con Brad Griffith

Finals vs Wanganui Won 46-28

NZ Heartland U19

heartland2014_U19Results to Date
1st Game – NZ Heartland 25 – 15 Tasman  Video Replay CLICK HERE
2nd Game – Southland 48 – 38 NZ Heartland
3rd Game – 4th October 2.05 pm vs. Hawkes Bay

Sam Tufuga

NZ Barbarians Team
Results to Date:
1st Game – New Zealand Barbarians Schools 39 – 231 Australian Schools

Saturday 4 October – Porirua Park
NZ Barbarians vs. Fiji 1.10 pm
NZ Schools vs. Australia 2.50 pm

These games will be replayed on Sky Sport 1 on Saturday 4th October 11.15 pm and Thursday 9th October Rugby Channel @ 8am and Friday 10th October Rugby Channel @ 2pm


The Whistle Blower
Summer is just around the corner. Winter is winding down fast. In the back of our minds is the thought of another year of rugby. Grant Fox famously said that players should never retire at the end of a rugby season. It was his experience that far too many retirements in September and October led to years of regret by otherwise fit young rugby players who yearned for the game.

So I encourage everyone who was involved this year, from College Coaches and Managers right through to beaten and bruised Rep players to delay any thought of retirement until February next year. It’s amazing how your feelings can change after a few months of touch rugby and beach cricket. The longing for peak fitness and the camaraderie of rugby will come back.

The Wairarapa Bush Club Rugby Scene is undoubtedly getting stronger and stronger. This year’s Senior and Senior Third competitions were the best I have seen. The College rugby scene is exciting and displaying players full of promise and potential. The outlook for local rugby in 2015 is great.

And if you do decide that you can’t stand another year of team training and muddy gear, the Rugby Referees Association provides another avenue for you to remain in the game and get another few years out of those new boots you bought last winter. And you only have to look at the playing history of many of our newest Referees to see that there is genuinely a place in Refereeing for those Top Notch players who were once our club scene heroes. So put a mark on your calendar for 1 February next year – RUGBY. And if you decide it time to stop playing, join the referee ranks and stay involved.

The Whistle Blower

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WBRU Newsletter for the 2nd October 2014

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