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Welcome to the Wairarapa-Bush Rugby Referees Association home page

We need referees for all grades so whether you want to referee a Senior 1st or your child’s J.A.B match, refereeing will get you fit and give you the best view on the park.

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Shay O’Gorman
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Tom Roseingrave
Ph:         (06) 379 6744
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Shay O’Gorman
Ph:         (06) 377 3945
Mob: (021) 988 361
email: sfo@rathkeale.school.nz

Peter Debney
Ph: (06) 370 8419
email: pa.se@xtra.co.nz

If you’re looking at joining the greatest game on Earth with a front-row seat as a referee (or you know someone who is), then here’s some information that might help. A new Be in the Game strategy has been implemented by New Zealand Rugby. It encourages potential referees – especially younger ones – to pick up the whistle as a way of being an integral part the game. Read on for the information from NZ Rugby.

2018 BE IN THE GAME Strategy:
BE IN THE GAME promotes the involvement referees have in the game of rugby: in the centre of the action and involved.
In 2018 we are no longer focusing on the messages of ‘keep your boots on’ and ‘stay involved in the game post-playing’ – refereeing is a form of playing rugby, not something we do post-playing.
• This year we are hoping to target a younger audience through the BE IN THE GAME campaign and help promote refereeing as a fun, exciting way to be involved in rugby.
• The BE IN THE GAME campaign is designed to be colourful and exciting and portray refereeing in a ‘new’ light.
• Refereeing is action packed, physically and mentally challenging, and takes training and self-discipline to improve – just like playing the game.
• Refereeing promotes a life-long love of the game. Referees are part of a community and all about mateship. There are pathways in place, development opportunities and it’s a vital part of New Zealand Rugby’s high performance programme.

BE IN THE GAME Website: www.beinthegame.nz

BE IN THE GAME Social Media:
• @BeInTheGameNZ – www.facebook.com/beinthegamenz
• @BeInTheGameNZ – www.instagram.com/beinthegamenz

• Hashtag #BeInTheGame
• BE IN THE GAME in 2018. Experience the action and excitement of rugby. Referee.
• A life-long love of rugby. Join the team and referee.
• Grassroots to high performance. Refereeing gives you the opportunity to be the best you can be.
• Join the team in 2018 & referee.