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WairarapaRugbyLogoWairarapa Rugby Union
(Founded , 1886 ; Original Member NZRU )
Headquarters : Masterton
Colours: Green

Ranfurly Shield Match #4
16 August 1905
Wellington 03 – 03 Wairarapa

The Wairarapa representatives met Wellington on the Athletic Park yesterday in the contest for the Ranfurly Shield. Owing to the heavy rain which fell overnight the ground was in a very muddy state and good back play was out of the question. Wairarapa were without the services of Gray and Cadwallader and their places were filled by Raisen and Duggan.

On commencing the game Wairarapa attacked but failed to break through the Wellington defence, Dull play followed, the only noteworthy feature being the line kicking and splendid all-round display given by Wrigley. Logan made a good opening and passed to O’Leary, who sent the ball on to Rogers, the latter however failed to take it, and a good chance was lost.

Later on from a forward rush and scramble on the line, Spackman scored.

Beard failed to convert.  Wairarapa 3  , Wellington nil

Wellington were then forced twice in succession and after uninteresting play, half-time was sounded, without any alteration in the score.

On resuming, the Wellington forwards attacked at once, and from a brilliant rush Hardham scored for his side. Spencer failed to convert.

Wairarapa 3, Wellington 3

After another Black forward rush, the Greens rallied, and Spackman made off with the ball. A Score seemed eminent, but he was grassed by G.Spencer. After this Wellington attacked, and Wairarapa were on the defensive for the rest of the game, which ended in a draw, three points each.

Wairarapa had much the best of the game in the first spell ; but, in the second, with the wind at their backs, the Wellington men were seen to much better advantage.

Speaking of the play the N.Z.Times says: – It is time the story about Wrigley’s “off” days was exploded. Wrigley played the best game on ground. He only made one mistake throughout the game, and that was a pardonable one. His cleverness in taking the ball is a treat to witness, and his kicking is excellent. It’s a pity he did not go with the New Zealand team to tour Great Brotain. Ramsden and G.Spencer both played very well for the home team, as did the O’Leary Bros. and Rogers for the visitors. There was little to choose between the teams. The forwards all played a sterling game.

Wairarapa: C.Williams, E.Wrigley, J.O’Leary, P.O’Leary, P.Rogers, D.K.Logan, A.Gray, A.Cadwallader, L.Armstrong, L.Armstrong, F.Johnson, H.J.McKenzie, E.Beard, R.Spackman, H.Wickens, J.Workman

Versus ( Match # ) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
E.McKenzie Carterton X X
C.Williams Masterton X X X X
+ H.Abraham Manawatu X
* P.Rogers Eketahuna X
A.Marsh Mast. Red Star X
E.Wrigley Masterton X X X X X X X
H.Miller Masterton X X X X X
J.O’Leary Masterton X X X X X X X
P.O’Leary Masterton X X X X X X
*P.Rogers Featherston Liberal X X
D.K.Logan Masterton X X X X X
J.O’Connell Carterton X
A.Gray Masterton X X X
A.Cadwallader Carterton X X X
L.Armstrong Carterton X X X X X X
C.Moore Carterton X
F.Johnson Carterton X X X X X X X
H.J.McKenzie Carterton X X X X X X X
E.Beard Greytown X X X X X X
R.Spackman Masterton X X X X X X
M.Hurley Carterton X X X
* H.Wickens Featherston Liberal X X X X
J.Workman Greytown X X X X X
B.Chambers Mast. Red Star X
W.King Masterton X
E.Raisen Greytown X X X X
J.Duggan Masterton X X X X
+ Abraham was a recent arrival in the district and selected without qualification.
* Member of Wairarapa Thursday Union.

Played 7 – Won 4 – Drew 1 Lost 2 – Pts For 68 – Pts Agst 44

1. July 8 WairarapaRugbyLogo vs WELLINGTON, at Carterton
Lost 11 to 13
Wairarapa Scorers: E.Wrigley (2) and A. Gray, tries ; E. McKenzie, conversion.
Referee: Mr. P. Mackie (Wellington).

2. July 15 WairarapaRugbyLogo vs HAWKES BAY, at Napier
Won 8 to 5
Wairarapa Scorers: H. Miller and H. J. McKenzie, tries ; J. O’Leary , conversion.

3. August 12 WairarapaRugbyLogo vs WAIRARAPA THURSDAY UNION, at Masterton.
Won 9 to 3
Wairarapa Scorers: E. Wrigley, try, goal from a mark (taken by self) and conversion
Referee: Mr. L. Williams (Wairarapa).

4. August 16 WairarapaRugbyLogo vs WELLINGTON  (Ranfurly Shield), at Wellington.
Drew 3 to 3
Wairarapa Scorers: R. Spackman, try.

5. September 9 WairarapaRugbyLogo vs  BushRugbyLogo , at Carterton
Won 18 to 6
Wairarapa Scorers: F. Johnson,E. Wrigley, J. O’Leary and J. Workman, tries; E. Wrigley, dropped goal and conversion.
Referee: Mr. L. Williams( Wairarapa).

6. September 16 WairarapaRugbyLogovs MANAWATU, at Greytown
Won 19 to 9
Wairarapa Scorers: E.Wrigley, J. O’Leary, R. Spackman, H. J. McKenzie and E. Beard, tries.
J. O’Leary and E.Wrigley, conversions
Referee: Mr. C. E. Evans (Canterbury).

7. September 20 WairarapaRugbyLogo vs TARANAKI, at Masterton
Lost 0 to 5
Referee: Mr. R. W. Barry (Canterbury)

Newspaper report from Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XXIX, Issue 8221, 17 August 1905
Newspaper report from Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XXIX, Issue 8221, 17 August 1905