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WairarapaRugbyLogoWairarapa Rugby Union
(Founded , 1886 ; Original Member NZRU )
Headquarters : Masterton
Colours: Green

Played 8 – Won 4 – Lost 4 – Pts For 64 – Pts Agst 82

1. May 16 WairarapaRugbyLogo vs , at Masterton
Won 12 to 3
Wairarapa Scorers:  Henry Henderson, T.F.Brenchley tries ; J O’Leary Penalty Goal & goal from a ‘Mark’ (taken by C.Groube)
Referee: Mr.E.McKenzie (Wairarapa)

2. July 18, WairarapaRugbyLogo vs CANTERBURY at Christchurch
Lost 5 to 15
Wairarapa Scorers: W. Darvill, try: J. O’Leary, conversion

3 July 23, WairarapaRugbyLogo vs SOUTH CANTERBURY, at Temuka
Lost 6 to 11
Wairarapa Scorers: J. O’Leary, try and goal from a mark (by self)

4. July 25, WairarapaRugbyLogo vs OTAGO, at Dunedin
Lost 8 to 22
Wairarapa Scorers: W. Darvill 2 tries; J. O’Leary, conversion

5. July 29, WairarapaRugbyLogo vs SOUTHLAND, at Invercargill
Won 12 to 6
Wairarapa Scorers: Robt. McKenzie, try; N. A. McKenzie, dropped goal
J. O’Leary conversion and goal from a mark (taken by J. Adams).

6. August 1, WairarapaRugbyLogo vs WELLINGTON, at Wellington
Lost 0 to 30.

7. August 27, WairarapaRugbyLogo vs WANGANUI at Masterton
Won 16 to 5
Wairarapa Scorers: N. A. McKenzie, Robt. McKenzie and C. Groube, tries
J. O’Lea penalty goal and 2 conversions
Referee: Mr G.A. Howe (Wellington).

8. August 29 WairarapaRugbyLogo vs at Carterton
Won 29 to 12
Wairarapa Scorers: V. Fairbrother (3), R Welch, J. Duggan, J. O’Leary and Henry Henders. tries
V. Fairbrother, dropped goal; H.J. McKenzie, 2 conversions
Referee: Mr James Nicholls (Wairarapa)

note: The side also combined with Bush to play the Anglo-Welsh XV.