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WairarapaRugbyLogoWairarapa Rugby Union
(Founded , 1886 ; Original Member NZRU )
Headquarters : Masterton
Colours: Green
The 1925 Wairarapa “South Island” Touring Team : Played 4 – Won 4

Ranfurly Shield Match #72
3rd June 1925
For Hawke’s Bay:
B.A.Grenside (2), JJ.Mill, C.J.Brownlie and M. Mahoney, tries
H.H. Wylie, goal from a Mark; George Nepia and L.A. Miller, conversions.
For Wairarapa:
Frank Booth, penalty.
F.C. Atkinson (Wanganui).



The first Ranfurly Shield match of the season was played here to-day in fine but dull weather.

Hawke’s Bay (holders) defeated Wairarapa by 22 points to 3. The ground was a trifle heavy following recent rains.

The attendance was close upon 10,000. Hawke’s Bay kicked off and the first open movement came when, from a scrum, Mill set his backs going, all of whom handled until Grenside took the ball offside.

The resultant free kick took play to midfield. A spell of forward play followed, during which the defenders were awarded two free kicks for off-side breaches.
Yates got down to a loose Wairarapa forward movement effectively. Play, however, remained in Hawke’s Bay territory until Cyril Brownlie appeared where his opponents did not expect him and cleared.

From a scrum near midfield Desmond came away with the ball at his feet but Paewae intercepted beautifully and play went into the challengers’ territory where Nepia had an unsuccessful long shot from a free kick.

Hawke’s Bay attacked but tho Wairarapa forwards several times came through a line-out by which means ground was made. There was little advantage to either side in an exchange of kicks.

A series of line-outs and scrums characterized the next ten minutes. Then Kivell found an opening but Gemmell lost the ball on the line and a force-down resulted. Pirst Blood to Challengers.

The Wairarapa forwards came through splendidly and reached Hawke’s Bay territory. A free kick in an easy position gave F. Booth a chance and Wairarapa drew first blood.

  • Wairarapa 3 Hawke’s Bay 0
    Falwasser then originated a’movement which ended in Grenside scoring after several backs and forwards had handled Nepia missed the kick.
  • Wairarapa 3 Hawke’s Bay 3
    Desmond continued to lead his forwards in penetrating loose work which called for solid defence from the Hawke’s Bay backs. Kivell got another chance and this time passed in well, with the result that several handled until Mill cleverly dummied his way left and right out of the loose pack and scored under the posts. Nepia converted.
  • Hawke’s Bay 8 Wairarapa 3
    Half-time soon followed. Early in the second half tho superiority of the defenders became more marked, and the Hawke’s Bay attack worried Wairarapa. Mill smartly secured from a scrum near the line and let Grenside over. Yates missed the kick.
  • Hawke’s Bay 11 Wairarapa 3
    The Concluding Stages. For a brief spell Wairarapa attacked and Falwasser was compelled to force. A long kick by Nepia took the ball up field. From a line-out Wylie passed to Brownlie, who gathered with one hand and scored. Yates missed the kick.
  • Hawke’s Bay 14 Wairarapa 3
    When next in striking distance Nepia attempted to pot a goal but was unsuccessful. The visitors valiantly assailed the home territory, but the backs did not shine and the defenders were really not seriously hampered. Wylie marked well out in front of the posts and placed a good goal.
  • Hawke’s Bay 17 Wairarapa 3
    The visiting forwards continued to shine in loose work and! were unfortunate in not having more assistance. Otherwise their attacking movements might have borne fruit. Falwasser followed up his own kick before stumbling, and then , Mahoney took up the running and scored. Miller converted.
  • Hawke’s Bay 22 Wairarapa 3
    Fortunes fluctuated during the remaining stages of tho game without further score.
New Zealand Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 19035, 4 June 1925

Played 14 – Won 9 – Drew 1 Lost 4 – Pts For 228 – Pts Agst 149

1. June 3 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. HAWKE’S BAY (Ranfurly Shield), at Napier
Lost 3 to 22
F.Booth, penalty goal.

2. July 1 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. BushRugbyLogo , at Pahiatua
Won 11 to 6
R.Booth and F.Booth, tries;
R.T.Cundy, penalty goal and conversion.

3. July 18 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. HAWKE’S BAY, at Masterton
Lost 0 to 9
Referee: Mr.H.J.McKenzie (Wairarapa).

4. July 29 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. BushRugbyLogo , at Masterton
Won 40 to 12
C.Stringfellow (2), J.G.Donald (2), M.Parker, R.Jury, J.Wyber and A.Desmond, tries
N.Hood, dropped goal; F.Booth, 6 conversions.
Referee: Mr.H.J.McKenzie (Wairarapa).

5. August 1 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. WAIKATO, at Masterton
Won 10 to 9
C.Stringfellow and J.G.Donald, tries
F.Booth, 2 conversions
Referee: Mr.H.J.McKenzie (Wairarapa)

6. August 12 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. CANTERBURY, at Masterton
Won 14 to 12
R.Garland, R.T.Cundy, F.Booth and R.Booth, tries
F.Booth, conversion
Referee: Mr.H.J.McKenzie (Wairarapa)

7. August 15 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. SOUTHLAND, at Carterton
Drew 6 to 6
A.Desmond and R.T.Cundy, tries
Referee: Mr.H.J.McKenzie (Wairarapa)

8. August 19 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. TARANAKI, at Carterton
Lost 3 to 8
Guy Booth, try
Referee: Mr.A.E. Freeman (Wairarapa)

9. August 22 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. MARLBOROUGH, at Blenheim
Won 14 to 6
F.Booth, Guy Booth, R.Booth and C.Stringfellow, tries
F. Booth, conversion

10. August 26 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. GOLDEN BAY-MOTUEKA, at Takaka
Won 38 to 5
R.Jury (2), W.Reside (2), Guy Booth (2), K.Fairbrother,R.T.Cundy, R.Booth and M.Parker, tries
F.Booth (2) and R.T.Cundy (2) conversions

11. August 29 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. BULLER, at Westport
Won 21 to 3
A.Turei, R.T.Cundy, R.Jury and A.Desmond, tries
R.T.Cundy, penalty goal;
R.T.Cundy (2) and F.Booth, conversions.

12. September,2 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. NELSON, at Nelson
Won 35 to 11
R.Jury, E.B.Booth,Guy Booth, R.Booth, W.Reside and A.Desmond, tries
R.T.Cundy (4) and F.Booth (3) conversions.

13. September 16 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. OTAGO, at Carterton
Won 21 to 12
F.Booth (2), J.G.Donald and A.Desmond, tries
F.Booth, penalty goal and 3 conversions
Referee: Mr.R.Perry (Wellington)

14. September 19 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. WELLINGTON, at Wellington
Lost 12 to 28
Guy Booth and R.Booth, tries
F.Booth, 2 penalty goals.

Versus (Appearances Match  # ) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
E.B.Booth Gladstone X X X X X
R.T.Cundy Featherston X X X X X X X X X X
N.Hood Mast. Red Star X X X X X X X X X X X
R.Booth Gladstone X X X X X X X X X X X X
M.Parker Greytown X X X X
J.Clark Carterton X
C.Stringfellow Greytown X X X X X X X X X X X X X
R.Jury Greytown X X X X X X X X X
Guy Booth Gladstone X + X X X + X
J.Fergusson Gladstone X X X
V.Flaws Mast.Red Star X X X X
F.Booth Gladstone X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
J.Nunn Gladstone X X X
L.Neighbours Mast. Red Star X X X X X X X X
A.Desmond Carterton X X X X X X X X X X X X
K.H.Reid Carterton X
Seymour Willoughby Red Star X X X X X
Stan. Willloughby Masterton X X + X
R.Gray Gladstone X X
K.Fairbrother Carterton X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
J.O‘Dowd Masterton X X X X X X X X X X X X
J.Wyber Mast.Red Star X X X X X X X X X X X
J.G.Donald Featherston X X X X X X X X
R.Garland Mast.Red Star X X X X X
N.Ronaldson Featherston X
S.Chapman Martinborough X X X X X X
W Reside Gladstone X X X X X X X X X X
A.Turei Greytown X X X X X
D.Moncrieff Carterton X X X X X X
C.Bambry Martinborough X
J.Churchouse Carterton X X
F.Sewell Mast.Red Star X X
+ A replacement during the match