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WairarapaRugbyLogoWairarapa Rugby Union
(Founded , 1886 ; Original Member NZRU )
Headquarters : Masterton
Colours: Green
July 18th 1928 - "Without doubt “Cookie” that day showed himself the player of the century."
July 18th 1928 – “Without doubt “Cookie” that day showed himself the player of the century.”

Played 14– Won 13 – Lost 1 – Pts For 290 – Pts Agst 137

1. June 4 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. HAWKE’S BAY, at Napier
Won 11 to 6
R.Jury and A.E.Cooke, tries
R.T.Cundy, penalty goal and conversion.

2. June 20 WairarapaRugbyLogo v BushRugbyLogo , at Palliatua
Won 31 to 6
R. Jury, R.T.Cundy, A.E.Cooke, W.Yates, N.McGregor, M.Parker and C. Stringfellow, tries
R.T.Cundy (3) and A.E.Cooke (2) conversions.

3. July 7 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. HAWKES BAY, at Masterton
Won 13 to 0
A.E.Cooke, B.Jury and R.T.Cundy, tries
L.Roach, dropped goal.
Referee: Mr. H. J. McKenzie (Wairarapa).

4. July 11 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. MANAWHENUA, at Palmerston North
Won 25 to 20
R.T.Cundy (2), R.Jury (2), J.Faulkner, C.Stringfollow and N. MeGregor, tries
R.T.Cundy and A.E.Cooke conversions.

5. July 18 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. CANTERBURY (Ranfurly Shield Match #91) , At Lancaster Park Oval, Christchurch.
For Wairarapa: A.E.Cooke and R.Jury, tries
A.E.Cooke, conversion.
For Canterbury: C.J.Oliver, dropped goal [counted 4 points]; C.D. Chesley, penalty.
Referee: R. Herd (Otago)

On the Wednesday 18th July 1928 , Canterbury were somewhat unexpectedly defeated by Wairarapa. Bert Cooke, who captained the challengers, had withdrawn from the New Zealand touring side after selection, Ian Harvey being the only Wairarapa representative with the New Zealand tourists.

It was not Wairarapa who took the shield – it was Cooke!

Without doubt “Cookie” that day showed himself the player of the century.

What a thrill it all was for the record mid-week crowd of 20,000! With Canterbury leading 7-3 and time running out, Cooke seemed to divine Cundy’s purpose, for he sped up and gathered the short punt almost off Cundy’s toes, beat his opponents in a twinkly run to the line, and then raced around eluding three others to touch down midway between the uprights. Not trusting anyone else he sent a low kick over the bar to win the match and the shield.

The only score in the first half was a try by Riki Jury in the corner, following a green forward rush, Fairbrother picking up to hand on to the winger. Canterbury’s points came from a penalty by Chesley, and a dropped goal by Oliver. In addition to Cooke’s individual brilliance, the green pack played an inspired game in the second half and, lasting better, were the only team in it at the end.

Canterbury: J.H.Harris; G.F.Hart, C.J.Oliver, C.D.Chesley, D.M.Hay, D.G.Grant, M.L.Page (capt.); S.F.Fookes, A.Y.Montgomery, T.P.“Toby” Robinson, J.B.Jackson, T.Lawson, J.T“Tom” Robinson, A.I.Cottrell, F.L.Clark..
N. A. Dorreen, who was selected having to withdraw in favour of Hart.

Wairarapa: L.Roach; W.Yates, J.C.Stringfellow, R.Jury; A.E.Cooke (capt.), R.T.Cundy; I.A.Hart; M.Parker; Seymour Willoughby, K.H.Reid, N.McGregor, Stanley “M.” Willoughby, K.Fairbrother, Q.Donald, W. R. Irvine.
(Selector E. “Ted” McKenzie.)

The referee was Mr R. Herd of Dunedin.

Following the capture of the shield, Wairarapa continued their southern tour, losing to Southland, 23-24, and beating Otago 11-8, and South Canterbury 14-13, to arrive back home on 30 July. Auckland were scheduled to play at Masterton on Wednesday, 1 August, but it was decided there was insufficient time for the shield-holders to organise a match. Auckland were promised a date for the following year. As it happened Wairarapa beat Auckland 14-13. Five of Wairarapa’s leading players, including Cooke and two other All Blacks had returned home after the shield capture.

Bill Irvine was making his 102nd appearance in first-class Rugby.

Article from the book “Ranfurly Shield History ” 1960 – by A.H.Carman

6. July 21 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. SOUTHLAND, at lnvercargill
Lost 23 to 24
P.Ward (2), C.Stringfellow and R.T. Cundy, tries
R.T. Cundy, penalty goal and 4 conversions.

7. July 25 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. OTAGO, at Dunedin
Won 11 to 8
R.Sharp (2) and J.Le Quesne, tries
C.Stringfellow, conversion.

8. July 28 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. SOUTH CANTERBURY, at Timaru
Won 14 to 11
C.Stringfellow (2), R.Sharp and R.Jury, tries
C.Stringfellow, conversion.

9. August 1 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. AUCKLAND, at Masterton
Won 14 to 13
C.Stringfellow and A.E.Cooke, tries
R.T.Cundy and W.Yates, penalty goals; A.E.Cooke, conversion
Referee: Mr.W.A.Grantham (Wairarapa).

10. August 11 WairarapaRugbyLogo v BushRugbyLogo  (Ranfurly Shield Match #92), At Cameron and Soldiers Memorial Park,Masterton
For Wairarapa: W.Yates (2), M.J.Parker (2), A.E.Cooke (2), J.C.Stringfellow, Stanley Willoughby, I.A.Hart, N.McGregor, and K.G.Fairbrother, tries
R.T.Cundy, 2 penalties and 9 conversions.
For Bush: G.Harris (2), L.Bartosh, tries
C.B.Udy, conversion.
Referee: Mr.H.J.McKenzie (Wairarapa)

Bush, as the first opponents, were heavily defeated at Memorial Park, Masterton, being in fact quite outclassed. The halftime score of 17-8 was not so bad, but thereafter Wairarapa ran away. Yates (2), Parker (2), Cooke (2), Stringfellow, Stan Willoughby, Hart, Fairbrother, and McGregor registered tries, Cundy having a field day with nine conversions and two penalties. For the losers, Harris scored twice and Bartosh once, Udy converting one try.

Wairarapa: The same team that captured the shield except that W.R.Irvine was not available, Reid moving to the front row and W. Reside coming in at the back of the scrum.

Bush: C. B. Udy, H.Wolland, G.Harris, A.Tait, R.Biddle, P.Herbert; L.Humphrey, F.Waret, H.Ralfe, J.E.Moynahan, M.Robbie, M.Trask, A.Mahoney, L.Browning, L.Bartosh.

The referee was Mr H. J. McKenzie of Wairarapa.

Article from the book “Ranfurly Shield History ” 1960 – by A.H.Carman

11. August 18 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. MARLBOROUGH (Ranfurly Shield Match #93), At Showgrounds Oval, Carterton
For Wairarapa: W.Yates (2), J.C.Stringfellow, R.Jury, K.G.Fairbrother and J.T.Walker, tries
R.T. Cundy (3) and W. Yates, conversions.
For Marlborough: F.Barclay and L.Hounsell, tries
G.Isherwood, conversion.
Referee: Mr.H.J. McKenzie (Wairarapa)

With the inter-island match being played this day at Christchurch, A.E.Cooke, L. Roach, and the two Willoughbys were absent from the Wairarapa team.

The weather was ideal, and the Carterton showgrounds held 3,000 spectators. The only score in a closely contested first half, was a try by Stringfellow, near the posts, Parker sending out from a lineout to Sharp to the centre. 3-0.

Five minutes after the resumption, Jury scored and Cundy converted. 8-0. Barclay scored a try. 8-3. Further tries to Wairarapa by Yates (2), Fairbrother and Walker (Cundy converting two and Yates one) made the total 26, whilst Hounsell scored and Isherwood converted for Marlborough.

Wairarapa: F.Cormack, R.Jury, J. C.Stringfellow, W.Yates, R.T.Cundy, R. Sharp; I.A.Hart; J. G. Donald, N.McGregor, J. Le Quesne, W.Reside, K.Fairbrother, M.Parker, J.Walker, Q.Donald.

Marlborough: S.J.Aston, F.Hodson, H.Cameron, W.Barclay, J.MacDonald, L.Hounsell, K.Roberts; R.C.Dobson, F. T. Gill, I.Botham, G. W. Washington, R.Woolley, L.Devine, V.Glennie, W.Satherley (capt.).

During the game Satherley, Dobson and Aston all retired injured, A. Boyce, C. P. Hadfield and G. Isherwood replacing them.

The referee was Mr H. J. McKenzie of Wairarapa.

Article from the book “Ranfurly Shield History ” 1960 – by A.H.Carman

12. August 22 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. WELLINGTON (Ranfurly Shield Match #94), At Showgrounds Oval, Carterton
For Wairarapa: Quentin Donald and G.R.Sharp, tries;
W.Yates, penalty.
For Wellington: F.S.Ramson, penalty.
Referee: Mr.H.J. McKenzie (Wairarapa)

Carterton Showgrounds were on the heavy side for this encounter, which attracted a midweek crowd of 4,000.

The challengers were superior in the tight play, but the home team shone in the loose, and were more enterprising. The first score came at once, Ramson kicking a penalty goal from just inside halfway. Ten minutes before halftime, Yates equalised, with a penalty from ten yards inside halfway.

Wairarapa made it 6-3 at the interval, when Cuming misfielded, and Cooke and Stringfellow both tried in vain to .get to the ball, Sharp racing in to touch down. Wellington fought hard in the second spell, but deadly tackling held them out. With but a few minutes to go, a kick by Cuming rebounded and the loose green forwards carried play to the line, where Quentin Donald scored from a five-yards scrum.

Wairarapa: L.Roach; R.Jury, J.C.Stringfellow, W.Yates; A.E.Cooke (capt.), R.Sharp; I.A.Hart; J.G.Donald, Seymour Willoughby, N.McGregor, Stanley Willoughby, K.Fairbrother, W.Reside, K.H.Reid, Q.Donald.

Wellington: H.Cuming, J.D.Mackay, F.S.Ramson, E.A.Brown, H.E.C.Chaney, R.H.C.Mackenzie; J.E.Coman, C.G.Porter(capt.), A.J. “Bert” Wilson, C.O’Regan, J.D.Shearer, E.Blacker, H.R.Sly, E.M.Jessep, E.C.Coulston.

In the first spell, D. S. Peterson replaced Brown.

The referee was Mr H. J. McKenzie of Wairarapa.

Article from the book “Ranfurly Shield History ” 1960 – by A.H.Carman

13. September 15 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. MANAWHENUA (Ranfurly Shield Match #95), At Showgrounds Oval, Carterton
For Wairarapa: J.G.Donald (2), M.J.Parker (2), R.Jury, J.C.Stringfellow and R.T.Cundy, tries
L.Roach, dropped goal (counted 4 points); R.T.Cundy, 3 conversions.
For Manawhenua: D.Tatana and T.Parsons, tries
W.Gleeson, dropped goal (counted 4 points).
Referee: Mr.L.S.King (Wanganui)

In the first two tests against the visiting New South Wales team, A. E. Cooke and Stanley Willoughby had represented New Zealand, but for the Third Test, played this day at Christchurch, Bert Cooke was not available. Wairarapa gave a great exhibition of attacking football, and the open style of football enthused the crowd at the Carterton Showgrounds. The challengers played well in the loose, but could not foot it with the brilliance of Cooke and company. Five minutes after the start, “Ginger” Donald had scored the first try and by halftime Wairarapa were winning 21-0.

Tatana then scored a try, 21-3, but the shield-holders added another ten points to make it 31-3. Right at the end, Gleeson potted a goal, and Parsons scored a try to bring the loser’s points up to double figures.

J. G. Donald (2), Parker (2), Jury, Cundy and Stringfellow were try-getters for Wairarapa, Cundy converting three tries and Roach potting a goal .

Wairarapa: Except that R.T.Cundy returned for Sharp, and that M.Parker replaced Stanley Willoughby who was appearing for New Zealand, the team was as against Wellington.

Manawhenua: R.Wasley, M.Strange, H.Taylor, M.Roberts; R.Akuira, J.Robb, W.Parata, W.Gleeson, L.Dalziell, Eric Satherley,G.Conrad, O.Galpin, D.Tatana (capt.), T.Parsons, R.Crawford.

The referee was Mr J. S. King of Wanganui.

Article from the book “Ranfurly Shield History ” 1960 – by A.H.Carman

14. September 26 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. NEW SOUTH WALES, at Masterton
Won 17 to 10
R.Jury (2) and W.Yates, tries
R.T. Cundy, 2 penalty goals and conversion.
Referee: Mr. H.J.McKenzie (Wairarapa).

Match Appearances
L.Roach Gladstone 7
F.Cormack Mast. Old Boys 7
W.Yates Mast. Old Boys 10
R.Jury Greytown 14
J.Faulkner Mast. Old Boys 1
F.P.Fitzgerald Carterton 2
Guy Booth Gladstone 1
C.Stringfellow Greytown 14
A.E.Cooke Mast. Old Boys 10
R.T.Cundy Sth. United 11
Peter Jury Greytown 2
R.Sharp + Sth. United 5
J.Denby Carterton 1
J.Hiroti Greytown 1
I.A.Hart Carterton 12
R.Nunn Gladstone 1
M.Parker Greytown 11
Sey. Willoughby Red Star 13
K.H.Reid Carterton 13
K.G.Fairbrother Carterton 10
W.R.lrvine Carterton 2
Q.Donald Sth. United 10
J.G.Donald Sth. United 5
W.Reside Gladstone 11
N.McGregor Gladstone 13
Stan. Willoughby Mast. Red Star 7
K.McCalmont Mast. Old Boys 6
J.Le Quesne + Mast. Old Boys 7
John Walker Gladstone 2
P.Ward Gladstone 3
W.Ussher + Gladstone 3
+ A replacement during the match