The following information was sourced from the 1935 NZ Rugby Almanack

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BUSH Districts
(Founded , 1886 ; Affilated, 1893 )
Headquarters : Pahiatua
Colours: All White
Selector : R.J.Smith

This often ignored and little known Union, under the strong guidance of S.K.Siddells, the ex-All Black, decided upon an ambitious programme for 1934, and it appeared as if their ambitions were justified, when the season commenced with three victories over Wairarapa and Manawatu. These early successes focussed attention upon their doings, and with Athol Mahoney again an All Black, Bush were right on the map.

On tour, however, they failed to maintain this standard, and lost all the five matches played in the Seddon Shield districts. They were, of course, without the services of Mahoney, but the team otherwise was at full strength.

The true position is that the district possesses few outstanding players, the nature of the district not aiding in the production of good backs. Their forwards, however, are a match for most packs in New Zealand on a heavy ground.

Of the players, individually, Mahoney’s record is well known – 25 years of age, he has represented Bush for nine years, and previously was in the St. Patrick’s College (Wellington) first fifteen. He toured with the 1929 team to Australia. The tallest member of this years “All Blacks,” he is remarkably fast, dribbles well, and is always conspicuous in the loose.

A and R.Mills, three-quarters, played in every game, and proved reliable units. J.McSherry (five-eighths) also appeared on every occasion. D.Keene (half) played in the majority of games, and made a good first season’s showing for his Union. J.H.Burns (captain), F.Anderson, B.Coomber, and M.Spring were the main members of the pack. J.Gunn, a stalwart of 1933,when, by the way, Hush lost all four games played, played in only the first two games, and then transferred to Hawke’s Bay.

Only 19 years of age, he shows distinct promise. W.Reeves, the fullback selected for the tour, was unluckily injured in the first game,but the team were very fortunate in that they had as coach with them L.Roach, Wairarapa full-back for many years. Roach played in three of the games by special permission of the Unions concerned. Making his first appearance as a Bush representative in the first match of the tour, T.H.Verry, a 17-year-old forward, played well, and shows great promise.

One feels sure that despite the appearance of the score-sheet,Bush Districts will benefit greatly from this season’s enterprise,and their future success will be popular everywhere

Match Record: Played : 8 – Won : 3 – Lost : 5
Points : For : 65 – Against : 83
1. June 20, BushRugbyLogo vs WairarapaRugbyLogo, at Carterton
Won 8 – 5
Bush Scorers : A.Mahoney 1 try , B.Udy 1 pen and 1 conversion
2. June 27, BushRugbyLogo vs Manawatu, at Pahiatua
Won 9 – 0
Bush Scorers : M.Spring & R.Mills (2) tries
Referee: Mr.O.Stone
3. July 21, BushRugbyLogo vs WairarapaRugbyLogo, at Alfredton Road Domain , Eketahuna
Won 19 – 00
Bush Scorers : A.Mahoney , B.Coomber , M.Spring (2) , K.Sharplin tries , J.Udy 2 conv.
Referee: Mr.B.Harvey
4. July 28, BushRugbyLogo vs Marlborourgh, at Blenheim
Lost 7 – 24
Bush Scorers : R.Mills 1 try , A.Mills 1 pot
5. August 1, BushRugbyLogo vs West Coast , at Greymouth
Lost 3 – 10
Bush Scorers : B.Coomber 1 try
6. August 4, BushRugbyLogo vs Buller , at Westport
Lost 5 – 9
Bush Scorers : J.Davies 1 try , R.Mills 1 Conversion
7. August 6, BushRugbyLogo vs Nelson , at Nelson
Lost 9 – 19
Bush Scorers : E.Anderson , B.Coomber tries , E.Lett 1 Penalty
8. August 8, BushRugbyLogo vs Golden Bay-Motueka , at Takaka
Lost 5 – 16
Bush Scorers : J.McSherry try , P.Wolland conversion

WairarapaRugbyLogoWairarapa Rugby Union
(Founded , 1886 ; Original Member NZRU )
Headquarters : Masterton
Colours: Green
Selector : Mr E.McKenzie
In 1934 Wairarapa were only a glimpse of their former greatness, but they were well led by Stringfellow, who showed all his old dash and personality.

The loss of M.Devine to Manawatu, and the fact that L.Roach, W.Reside, M.Parker, and J.Walker had retired made the selectors task an unenviable one.

The Union, however, is in the process of “building-up,” and with the return to the district of F.C.Fuller, and promising material on hand, should this coming season once more attain a high position in the Rugby sphere. Only two matches were won during the season, these being the ‘Wellington and Manawatu games, both played at Masterton. Their record also shows a drawn game at Auckland. Auckland had a good fifteen out, and Wairarapa’s performance in finishing equal on points more or less atoned for their previous losses.

On the Kings Birthday holiday Wairarapa played Hawke’s Bay at Napier, and were well defeated. The visitors were unfortunate in losing three men injured during the course of the game, but Hawkes Bay were well ahead when the players concerned went off.

ln the match Stringfellow, who was to play a very prominent part during the season, scored three tries. Bush Districts provided the first home contest. After a scoreless first spell, Bush Districts surprised by running up eight points to five, and Wairarapa were down in the two games played.

A closer contest resulted when Hawkes Bay were met in the return. Wairarapa showed greater improved form, and appeared to have a game won, when in the last few minutes a dropped goal went against them. The team, however, on this occasion deserved the decision, and with Henderson and A.McKay substituting for Himona and Keeble, was the same as that which subsequently defeated Wellington.

Wellington then visited, the fifteen from the Capital City including five players who had worn the All Black jersey, and Fuller, the ex-Wairarapa goal kicker.

The issue was in doubt right to the end, Stringfellow’s final try clinching matters for the home side , it was 16 all four minutes from time.

The victorious fifteen was:-

J.Hemi , F.Fitzgerald , C.Stringfellow (C) , G.Booth , P.Himona , R.Devine , R.Nunn ,G.Keeble , G.Seivers , F.H.Fraser-Smith , M.Trass , G.Laing ,R.Howard , K.H.Reid , K.McCalmont

The journey to Eketahuna to meet Bush Districts in return again resulted in defeat. Hemi, Stringfellow, Himona, Laing, and Reid were absentees.

Another loss was recorded at Feilding against Manawatu. With the exception of Nunn all the regular backs were available. T.Lipsinski took the half”s place and the forwards were slightly changed, J.Flutey, J.Southeran and W.Aitken being in for the first time. At interval Manawatu were 17 points in the lead, and despite a gallant fight from then on, the visitors went down by six points.

The drawn game with Auckland was next played. The home side led at half-time 8-0 and later by 19 to 8, for Wairarapa to stage a great finish to draw. The forwards played grandly again, and Stringfellow added to his reputation as a leader.

Wairarapa visited Canterbury for the next outing, and in a high scoring match lost by five points. The substitution of Flutey for McCalmont and Aitken for Keeble varied the fifteen from that of the Wellington match. Canterbury were without Andrews only.

The final game was the second winning one.The team included Lipsinski on the wing, in place of Fitzgerald, who took Hemi’s place at full-back, and Udy was back in the side again.

The forwards had all repped during the season. With the wind against them, the ultimate winners equalled the visitors’ tally, and then in the second spell scored all the points.

F.Fitzgerald played in all the nine matches, taking wing three-quarter usually, but he ably substituted for Hemi when the fullback was absent. He scored 13 points during the season.

G.Sievers also played in every game. He scored one try. C.Stringfellow played in eight games, missing the second Bush Districts match. He finished second highest scorer in the Union – 24 points.

J. Hemi scored most points. He totalled 42 in the six games he played in. R.Nunn, K.H.Reid and F.H.Fraser-Smith took part in eight matches, R.Devine (12 points), R.Howard, G.Laing, G.Booth and M.Trass played in seven games, P,Himona, in six, and K.McCalmont in five.

Stringfellow played for The Rest against New Zealand, and finished a successful season by captaining the North side in the Inter-Island game at Dunedin.

F.H. Fraser-Smith went on as a replacement in the Wanganui trial and helped The Rest pack to shake the reputation of the New Zealand forward division at Wellington. He was selected for the North Island, but could not play.

R.Nunn played in the Inter-Island match also J.Hemi and P.Himona toured with the Maori team.

Match Record: Played: 9 – Won: 2 – Drew: 1 – Lost: 6
Points : For: 106 Against:162
1. June 4, WairarapaRugbyLogovs Hawke’s Bay , at Napier
Lost 11 – 29
Wairarapa Scorers: KC.Stringfellow 3 tries;
F.Fitzgerald , 1 conversion
2. June 20,WairarapaRugbyLogovs BushRugbyLogo, at Carterton Showgrounds
Lost 5 – 8
Wairarapa Scorers: Guy Booth , try
F.Fitzgerald , 1 conversion
Referee: H.J.McKenzie
3. June 30,WairarapaRugbyLogovs Hawke’s Bay, at Carterton Showgrounds
Lost 13 – 15
Wairarapa Scorers: C.Stringfellow , M.Trass , E.Henderson tries
J.Hemi , 2 conversions
4. July 18,WairarapaRugbyLogo vs Wellington , at Cameron Memorial Park , Masterton
Won 21 – 16
Wairarapa Scorers: C.Stringfellow (2) , F.Fitzgerald , G.Sievers tries
J.Hemi , 1 penalty , 3 conversions
Referee: H.J.McKenzie
5. July 21,WairarapaRugbyLogo vs BushRugbyLogo , at Eketahuna
Lost 0 – 19
6. August 1, WairarapaRugbyLogovs Manawatu , at Feilding
Lost 20 – 26
Wairarapa Scorers: Himona , Booth , Devine tries
J.Hemi 1 conversion , 3 penalties
7. August 18,WairarapaRugbyLogo vs Auckland , at Auckland
Drew 19 – 19
Wairarapa Scorers: Fraser-Smith (2) , C.Stringfellow , R.Devine , R.Nunn tries
J.Hemi 2 conversion
8. September 8,WairarapaRugbyLogo vs Canterbury , at Christchurch
Lost 23 – 28
Wairarapa Scorers: R.Devine (2) , J.Flutey tries
J.Hemi 1 conversion , 4 Penalties
9. September 12 ,WairarapaRugbyLogo vs MANAWATU, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Won 21 – 8
Wairarapa Scorers: C.Stringfellow , R.Howard , R.Nunn, G.Booth , K.Reid Tries
F.Fitzgerald , 3 conversions
Referee: Mr.W.Grantham
APPEARANCES For WAIRARAPA RFU (1934)WairarapaRugbyLogo
F.P.Fitzgerald (Carterton) 9
J.Hemi (Featherston) 6
L.Tilley (Featherston) 1
G.Udy (Carterton) 2
J.F.Holland (Martinborough) 1
W.H.Holland (Martinborough) 1
M.Hume (Martinborough) 1
W.Clarke (Greytown) 1
C.Stringfellow (Greytown) 8
R.R.Devine (Masterton Red Star) 7
P.Himona (Featherston) 6
G.Booth (Dalefield) 8
E.Henderson (Gladstone) 2
S.Lamb (Masterton Red Star) 1
R.Nunn (Gladstone) 8
T.Lipinski (Carterton) 3
G.Laing (Masterton Old Boys) 7
C.W.Forsyth (Dalefield) 2
F.H.F.Smith (Masterton Old Boys) 9
C.Sievers (Carterton) 9
R.H.W.Howard (Masterton Red Star) 9
K.H.Reid (Carterton) 8
K.McCalmont (Masterton Old Boys) 5
A.McKay (Featherston) 2
L.Wilson (Martinborough) 1
G.Keeble (Masterton Red Star) 3
T.Sullivan (Martinborough) 1
N.Trass (Carterton) 7
J.Flutey (Martinborough) 4
W.E.Aitken (Masterton Old Boys) 5
J.Southeran (Un-attached) 1