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WairarapaRugbyLogoWairarapa Rugby Union
(Founded , 1886 ; Original Member NZRU )
Headquarters : Carterton
Selector: Messrs. Quentin Desmond and G.J.Udy
Colours: Green

With only two victories, this Union had a poor season. The best feature was the grand display given by the Combined Wairarapa-Bush team in the encounter with British Isles. To this combination Wairarapa contributed Graham, Keegan, Rikys, Lochore, A. W. and R. C. H. Blake, and well they each played their part on the day. A. W. Blake captained the Combined XV. as well as Wairarapa and remained an alert, intelligent and most capable forward. His brother R. C. H. was a good all-round side-ranker, Keegan always in the thick of the play, and Lochore a most promising newcomer. Another new rep., McKenzie, proved a competent hooker, whilst Bennett, Willoughby and Taplin all rendered good service in the pack. A new lock, Laing, played in the final four fixtures.

Of the 27 who wore the Wairarapa jersey this season, 15 had also represented the previous season, whilst Crump had done so in 1957, when Thurston had played for Wanganui, and Wilkie for East Coast. This leaves nine who were making their debut, Rikys a lively five-eighth being the most promising. In addition, Matthews, Barnes, McKenzie and Lochore held regular places in the team. There should be a definite improvement in 1960, with these young players having the benefit of a year’s initiation. Aitkenhead was a capable full-back, who registered 4-3 of Wairarapa’s 90 points with his boot.

Thurston and R. C. H. Blake were the only players from this Union to play in the Trials. Graham a robust and determined player, took part in the Maori Trials at Rotorua.

Played 9 – Won 2 – Lost 7 – Pts For 90 – Pts Agst 110

1. June 1  WairarapaRugbyLogo v. HAWKES BAY , at Napier
Lost 3 to 6
I.A.Aitkenhead, (1) Penalty
Referee:Mr.A.F.Anderson (Wairarapa)

2. June 3 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. EAST COAST, at Tokomaru Bay
Lost 3 to 11
I.A.Aitkenhead, (1) Penalty

3. June 6 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. POVERTY BAY, at Gisborne
Won 25 to 08
J.H.Patet, G.J.Whiteman, K.P.Keegan, J.F.Ford, Tries
I.A.Aitkenhead, (3) Penalties , (2) Conversions

4. June 24 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. THAMES VALLEY, at Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton
Lost 12 to 16
J.Ford, try
J.R.Lett, (2) Penalties, Barry Church (1) Penalty
Referee: Mr.R.K.Marsh (Wairarapa)

5. July 7 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. TARANAKI, at Showgrounds Oval, Carterton.
Lost 3 to 6
K.P.Keegan, try
Referee:Mr.T.E.Denby (Wairarapa)

6. July 25  WairarapaRugbyLogo v. HAWKES BAY , at Showgrounds Oval, Carterton
Won 9 to 8
K.P.Keegan, try
I.A.Aitkenhead, (2) Penalties
Referee: Mr.R.K.Marsh (Wairarapa)

7. August 8 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. BushRugbyLogo, at Rugby Park , Pahiatua
Lost 14 to 15
A.W.Blake, try
I.A.Aitkenhead, (3) Penalties (1) Conversion

8. September 5 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. WANGANUI, at Showgrounds Oval, Carterton.
Lost 13 to 16
K.H.Henwood (2), tries
I.A.Aitkenhead, (2) Conversions, (1) Dropped Goal
Referee: Mr.T.E.Denby (Wairarapa)

9. September 30 WairarapaRugbyLogo v. MANAWATU, at Showgrounds Oval, Carterton.
Lost 08 to 14
J.H.Patete, B.J.Lochore, tries
R.C.H.Blake, (1) Conversion
Referee: Mr.T.E.Denby (Wairarapa)


BUSH Districts
(Founded , 1886 ; Affilated, 1893 )
Headquarters : Pahiatua
Colours: Maroon, with two Royal Blue Bands
Selector : Mr.B.S.Smith

Enjoying some success, and playing attractive Rugby, Bush can look back on 1959 with some degree of pride. To secure victories over the respective neighbours, Hawke’s Bay and Wairarapa, in itself, always gives Bush supporters a feeling of achievement.

One result of the latter win was to secure for Bush a majority of players in the combined team which met British Isles at Solway, nine places going to this Union, the successful players being McHardy, Small, Jensen, Eames, Swanney, Travers, Kerridge, S.J.Speedy and Peachey.

The strength of the team was again in a fit and lively bristling set of forwards, well-led and inspired by the captain and lock, Kerridge. Robbie showed continued progress as a better-than-average No. 8; the experienced Travers who had last represented in 1957 was a capable all round forward and substitute hooker; Mabey was another useful lock and also a prop, with plenty of experience, whilst Peachey played some outstanding football.

As a matter of fact, only four of those called on were making their debut, Mills being the only one to play regularly. Parker, regular hooker, was lost to the side through breaking an ankle in a Club fixture. Behind the scrum Swanney was always sound and very reliable, whilst Eames again impressed as a class second five-eighth who deserves further opportunities.

Jensen was an eager and lively winger, and McHardy a sound defensive player, whose qualities fit him best for the full-back post. Of the other players, W. G. Speedy and Drysdale had last represented Bush in 1957, and S.J.Speedy in 1956.

Jensen, Eames, Swanney, Peachey, Mabey, Kerridge, Parker, McHardy and S.J.Speedy were given a Trial at Napier, but only Jensen got as far as the North Island Trials.

1959 Match Record: Played : 8 – Won : 4 – Drew : 1 Lost : 3
Points : For : 88 – Against : 100
1. June 9 , BushRugbyLogo vs  HAWKES BAY, at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
Won 6 to 3
Bush Scorers : W.J.Carthew, I.A.McHardy, tries
Referee: Mr. Wray Hewitt (Bush)
2. June 20, BushRugbyLogo vs THAMES VALLEY, at Domain, Eketahuna
Won 6 to 5
Bush Scorers : R.W.Jensen (2) Penalties

Referee: Mr. W.R.Crane (Bush)
 3. July 9 , BushRugbyLogo vs TARANAKI, at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
Lost 6 to 8
Bush Scorers : W.J.Carthew, Try
R.J.Eames (1) Penalty
Referee: Mr. W.R.Crane (Bush)
4. July 11 , BushRugbyLogo vs MANAWATU, at Palmerston North
 Lost 14 to 21
Bush Scorers : W.J.Carthew, R.W.Jensen (2), Tries
R.J.Eames (1) Penalty , R.W.Jensen (1) Conversion
5. July 25, BushRugbyLogo vs WANGANUI , at Wanganui
  Won 12 to 6
Bush Scorers : R.J.Eames , Try
R.W.Jensen (1) Drop Goal, (2) Penalty Goals
6. August 8, BushRugbyLogo vs WairarapaRugbyLogo, at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
 Won 15 to 14
Bush Scorers : I.A.Hardy, J.S.Small, R.J.Eames, W.J.Carthew, R.H.Mabey, Tries
Referee: Mr. Jas. Davies (Bush)
7. August 6, BushRugbyLogo vs HOROWHENUA, at Levin
Drew 21 to 21
Bush Scorers : A.W.Davidson, G.J.Humphrey, W.J.Carthew, G.A.Champion, Tries
R.J.Eames (1) Penalty, G.J.Humphrey (3) Conversions
8. August 8, BushRugbyLogo vs WELLINGTON XV , at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
 Lost 08 to 22
Bush Scorers : W.J.Carthew, M.H.Peachey, Tries
G.J.Humphrey (1) Conversion
Referee: Mr. R.H.Rice (Bush)

Wairarapa-Bush Rep Matches 1959

With a win in its preliminary engagement against Wellington, Wairarapa-Bush’s prospects against British Isles appeared bright. However, the last-minute illness of R. H. Mabey which resulted in a selected flanker having to fill a prop position, an early injury to A. R. Rikys and the loss of the captain, A. W. Blake, during the second half, proved too big an handicap, and the side went under by a big margin.

Wairarapa-Bush MATCH RECORD
Played, 2; Won, 1; Lost, 1
Points: For, 23; Against, 43.Selectors : Messrs. Quentin Desmond and G.J.Udy (Wairarapa) / B.S.Smith and P.Small (Bush)
1. August 12 vs WELLINGTON, at Solway Showgrounds Oval, Masterton.
Won 12 to 6
Wai-Bush Scorers : P. K. Travers, try
R. C. H.Blake, (3) penalties
Referee: Mr. R. K. Marsh (Wairarapa)
2. August 25, v. BRITISH ISLES, at Solway Showgrounds Oval, Masterton.
Lost 11 to 37
Wai-Bush Scorers : P. K. Travers, try
R. C. H.Blake, (2) penalties , (1) conversion.
Referee: Mr. F. G. M. Parkinson (Manawatu).
Wairarapa Bush REPRESENTATIVES 1959
I.A.McHardy (Bush) 2
R.W.Jensen (Bush) 2
J.S.Small (Bush) 2
R.J.Eames (Bush) 2
Robt.Graham (Wairarapa) 1
W.J.Carthew (Bush) 1
A.R.Rikys (Wairarapa) 2
R.J.Swanney (Bush) 2
K.P.Keegan (Wairarapa) 2
S.J.Speedy (Bush) 2
J.D.Kerridge (Bush) 2
A.W.Blake (Capt.) (Wairarapa) 2
R.C.H. Blake (Wairarapa) 2
M.H.Peachey (Bush) 2
P.K.Travers (Bush) 2
R.H.Mabey (Bush) 1
B.J.Lochore (Wairarapa) 1