“The End and the Beginning”

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We begin our journey of looking back at the history of Wairarapa-Bush RFU here at htttp://waibush.co.nz with a look at the end !We begin our “Looking Back” series with recounting the last season that Bush RFU and Wairarapa RFU played as single entities in 1970 and details of the first 3 matches played as Wairarapa-Bush RFU.During our look back from 1886 through to 1970 we shall highlight both union’s records and then from 1971 the season history of Wairarapa-Bush RFU.

There was the odd match where the unions did combine before the merger in 1970 when they played touring sides , which we also cover.

So lets go … We hope you enjoy this look back as we look forward to many more years of recording the history of Wairarapa-Bush Rugby Union.

We acknowledge all the information from the NZ “Rugby Almanack” Series from the season’s 1934 through to 2013 and appreciate their hard and dedicated work in providing this detailed history.

BUSH Rugby Union
(Founded , 1886 ; Affilated, 1893 )
Headquarters :  Pahiatua
Colours: Maroon, with two royal blue bands
Selector : Mr E.E. Brown
A momentous year for Bush Union, in that after a trial of a joint senior Club championship with Wairarapa the two Unions have decided to amalgamate for the future. On three occasions during the 1970 season a combined team was fielded against other Unions, and although three losses ensued the venture was regarded as a happy augury for the future.The disappearance of the separate Bush Union after 84 years of existence, and Wairarapa Union after a similar period, is the occasion for some nostalgic regrets, but the combined strength should mean greater success in store.Whilst only one success was registered in Bush’s seven games, the first match with Wairarapa was drawn.The forwards were an experienced hard working group, led by flanker McDonald, who had last represented in 1968, and with the solid core of Oliver, an outstanding tight forward who had returned after representing Wairarapa in 1968, and Falconer, the other lock. B.S.Wolland and a new player, Burns, were competent props, with A.V.Udy, 1968 representative, as the hooker. A 20 year old newcomer Spinett, was a most promising side-ranker, and Hagan quite a useful No.8. Harris again was an excellent link, and with the experienced Mills in grand form, directed the tactical play most ably. Beales was an improving player, with Inder also going well. The 19-year old Quigan was an excellent centre and Barnes a reliable winger. C.R.Wolland was most competent at fullback. Generally the back line handled well when ball was available, and the side as a whole could not be treated lightly.The combined team for its first match included nine Bush players, seven in the second match, and nine, including newcomers Spinett and Quigan, in the third match, actually eleven,Bush players being fielded. Altogether 24 players wore the Bush jersey, of whom six were in their first season. MacDougall had last played in 1967.No players were called to the National trials.
Match Record:   Played : 7  – Won : 1 – Drew : 1 – Lost : 5
Points :   For : 70  – Against : 127
1. June 1, BushRugbyLogo vs HAWKE’S BAY XV, at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
Lost 9 – 33
Bush Scorers : R. W. Hagan, 3 penalty goals.
Referee: Mr.P.J.Harris (Bush)
2. June 17, BushRugbyLogo vs WAIRARAPA, at Masterton
Drew 3 – 3
Bush Scorers : Michael Barnes, try
3. July 5, BushRugbyLogo vs MANAWATU, at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
Lost 9 – 28
Bush Scorers : I.S.Beales, try ;R.W.Hagan,2 penalty goals
Referee: Mr.I.B.Horner (Bush)
4. July 12, BushRugbyLogo vs WANGANUI (Bruce Steel Cup), at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
Lost 9 – 14
Bush Scorers : R.W.Hagan and K.W.Inder, Tries ; R.W.Hagan, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.P.J.Harris (Bush)
5. July 18, BushRugbyLogo vs WAIRARAPA, at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
Lost 6 – 18
Bush Scorers : Michael Barnes, try; R.W.Hagan, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.N.R.Johnson (Wairarapa)
6. August 8, BushRugbyLogo vs HOROWHENUA, at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
Won 20 – 3
Bush Scorers : R.W.Hagan, I.S.Beales and B.S.Wolland, tries;
Byron Quigan, dropped goal; C.R.Wolland, 2 penalty goals 1 Conversion
Referee: Mr.B.C.Farquharson (Bush)
7. August 22, BushRugbyLogo vs WELLINGTON XV , at Wellington
Lost 14 – 28
Bush Scorers : D.P.Harris, K.W.Inder and I.S.Beales, tries;
R. W. Hagan, penalty goal; C. R, Wolland, conversion.
APPEARANCES For BUSH RFU (1970)BushRugbyLogo
C.R.Wolland (Konini) 6
A.D.MacDougall (Mangatainoka) 2
Michael Barnes (Woodville) 7
J.P.Murphy (Mangatainoka) 2
T.J.Lancaster (Konini) 1
I.A.Thrush (Woodville) 1
Byron Quigan (Woodville) 7
I.S.Beales (Pahiatua) 6
R.A.Mills (Pahiatua) 7
K.W.Inder (Pahiatua) 4
M.R.Broughton (Coast) 1
D.P.Harris (Konini) 6
R.W.Hagan (Pongaroa) 7
G.J.McDonald (Tiraumea) 5
D.P.Oliver (Konini) 7
G.A.Udy (Konini) 1
F.E. Cameron (Weber) 5
R.C.Burns (Tiraumea) 7
A.V.Udy (Konini) 7
B.S.Wolland (Konini) 7
R.A.Falconer (Tiraumea) 5
P.R.Spinett (Woodville) 5
R.W.Algie (Pahiatua) 2
Murray Davy (Mangatainoka) 1
WairarapaRugbyLogoWairarapa Rugby Union
(Founded , 1886 ; Original Member NZRU )
Headquarters :  Masterton
Colours: Green
Selector : Mr Brian Henson
The main feature of the season so far as this Union was concerned was the trial amalgamation with Bush Union, which culminated in the joining together of these two bodies for the future.Wairarapa had ten engagements for three wins and a draw, in addition to three games in the partnership with Bush, in an interesting season.Generally the team lacked combination, as through various causes a total of 32 players were required, fourteen of these making their representative debut, six, however, with but a single appearance.Only thirteen of the previous season’s 24 players represented again, H.J.Sims having transferred to Manawatu, and D.L.Munro moving back to Hawke’s Bay, whilst others had retired. Ussher, Duffy and Nicholson, 1968 representatives, reappeared, and Jamieson who proved a reliable substitute full-back, had played for Hawke’s Bay in 1959-1960 and for King Country in 1965.Marfell was in the 1965 Marlborough team. When Lochore left with the All Blacks, side-ranker Brock captained the side, Turley and Nicholson locked the scrummage, Gray was mainly at No. 8, newcomer Goodin and Diedrichs took Hank positions for the later matches, and Crawley (prop), Falconer (hooker) and Rowlands (prop) formed an effective front row.

Ussher was in good form at centre, with capable wings in new representative 18-year old O’Shea, and, later, Smith, after having been played at second five-eighth. Tuckerman at first five-eighth, and Page, second five-eighth in the final games, were experienced in their positions. Hamilton and Sanson were new representatives to show promise.

Eleven of the team appeared in the combined XV. Smith, Sanson, Jamieson, O’Shea, Page, Turley, Gray, Crawley, Goodin, Falconer and E. W. Thompson (Masterton Marist), the latter not playing for Wairarapa otherwise. Lochore and Turley were in the New Zealand Trial series, the latter in fact being the only one of the forwards in the final trial match to miss out on New Zealand selection.

Falconer played for New Zealand juniors, and Rowlands took part in the Prince of Wales Cup match, and represented New Zealand Maoris.


The feat of representing a Union in a hundred or more games was completed by five players in 1970, they being:—
B.J.Lochore: For Wairarapa
R.C.Vercoe: For South Canterbury
G.C.Williams: For Wellington
M.C.Wills: For Taranaki
G.W.J. Wright: For Waikato

Match Record: Played: 10 – Won: – Drew: 1 – Lost: 6
Points : For: 106  –  Against:162
1. May 13, WairarapaRugbyLogovs WELLINGTON, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 22 – 25
Wairarapa Scorers: K.C.Grossman, K.E.O’Shea and J.D.Tuckerman, tries;
J.D.Tuckerman, 3 penalty goals and 2 conversions
Referee: Mr.Noel Scott (Wairarapa)
2. May 16,WairarapaRugbyLogovs POVERTY BAY, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 15 – 22
Wairarapa Scorers: G.N.Gray, I.F.Turley and B.J.Lochore, tries
V.D.Marfell and J.D.Tuckerman, penalty goals
Referee: R.C.Francis (Wairarapa)
3. May 23,WairarapaRugbyLogovs HOROWHENUA, at Levin
Lost 8 – 15
Wairarapa Scorers: D.H.Smith, try; J.D.Tuckerman, penalty goal; V.D.Marfell conversion
4. June 1,WairarapaRugbyLogo vs HAWKE’S BAY, at Napier
Lost 0 – 32
5. June 17,WairarapaRugbyLogo vs BUSH, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Drew 3 – 3
Wairarapa Scorers: R.R.Brock, try
Referee: Mr.B.C.Farquharson (Bush)
6. June 24, WairarapaRugbyLogovs QUEENSLAND, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Won 17 – 12
Wairarapa Scorers: G.E.Falconer, R.R.Brock and R.F.Sommerville tries
I.F.Turley and G.P.D.Jamieson, penalty goals; I.F.Turley, conversion
Referee: Mr.N.C.Thomas (Manawatu)
7. July 18,WairarapaRugbyLogo vs BUSH, at Pahiatua
Won 18 – 6
Wairarapa Scorers: J.R.Diedrichs(2) and D.P.Goodin (2) tries
G.P.D.Jamieson (2) and I.F.Turley, conversions.
8. August 29,WairarapaRugbyLogo vs WANGANUI (Bruce Steel Cup), at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 15 – 26
Wairarapa Scorers: G.N.Gray and K.E.O’Shea tries ; G.P.D.Jamieson, 3 penalty goals
Referee: Mr.B.G.Whale (Wairarapa)
9. September 5,WairarapaRugbyLogo vs MANAWATU, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 0 – 15
Referee: Mr.Noel Scott (Wairarapa)
10. September 10,WairarapaRugbyLogo vs SOUTH CANTERBURY, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Won 8 – 6
Wairarapa Scorers: J.R.Diedrichs, try; R.C.Parker, penalty goal and conversion
Referee: Mr.N.R.Johnson (Wairarapa)
APPEARANCES For WAIRARAPA RFU (1970)WairarapaRugbyLogo
V.D.Marfell (Masterton) 5
M.R.Sanson (Masterton) 4
R.C.Parker (Carterton) 1
K.E.O’Shea (Featherston) 10
K.c.Crossman (Masterton) 4
G.E.Hamilton (Red Star) 5
G.H.Ussher (Featherston) 8
R.G.Geange (Carterton) 1
D.H.Smith (Featherston) 8
J.D.Tuckerman (Red Star) 4
K.G.Taucher (Carterton) 1
G.P.D.Jamieson (Featherston) 6
B.J.Page (Red Star) 5
R.F.Sommerville (Red Star) 5
P.W.J.Ousey (Masterton) 5
B.J.Lochore (Masterton) 3
G.N.Gray (Red Star) 9
R.R.Brock (Red Star) 6
A.J.Nicholson (Red Star) 8
I.F.Turley (Red Star) 9
W.N.Rowlands (Red Star) 6
G.E.Falconer (Carterton) 9
W.J.Crawley (Carterton) 10
S.F.Vallance (Masterton) 3
M.R.Langtry (Masterton) 3
A.R.Duffy (Masterton) 1
C.R.Burt (Featherston) 2
D.P.Goodin (Masterton) 4
J.R.Diedrichs (Featherston) 4
J.W.Dalziell (East Coast) 4
R.B.Playle (Carterton) 1
J.F.Crutchley (East Coast) 1
Selectors: Messrs.Brian Henson (Wairarapa) and E.E.Brown (Bush)
The Wairarapa and Bush Unions combined for three matches playing one in each Union and the third away.The Unions had joined for matches in the past, mainly against overseas visiting sides, but this season’s ventures were relative to suggestions that the two organisations become one Union, and the games undertaken were to measure strengths against future possible opponents; a combined club competition was also played.Subsequently complete amalgamation was decided upon.
Played: Lost: 3
Points : For : 12   Against : 44
1. July 25, vs KING COUNTRY, at Taumarunui
Lost 3 – 9
WaiBush Scorer: I.S.Beales, try.
2. August 1, vs HAWKE’S BAY, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 6 – 17
WaiBush Scorers: Michael Barnes and W.J.Crawley, tries
Referee: Mr. R. C. Francis (Wairarapa)
3. September 8, vs AUCKLAND, at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
Lost 3 – 18
WaiBush Scorer: D.P.Oliver, try
Referee: Mr. P. J. Harris (Bush)
G.P.D.Jamieson (Featherston) 3
Michael Barnes (Woodville) 3
K.E.O’Shea (Featherston) 2
E.W.Thompson (Masterton Marist) 1
D.H.Smith (Featherston) 2
Byron Quigan (Woodville) 1
I.S.Beales (Pahiatua) 3
R.A.Mills (Pahiatua) 2
M.R.Sanson (Masterton) 1
B.J.Page (Red Star) 1
D.P.Harris (Konini) 3
R.W.Hagan (Pongaroa) 2
G.N.Gray (Red Star) 2
R.A.Falconer (Tiraumea) 2
D.P.Oliver (Konini) 3
D.P.Goodin (Masterton) 3
B.S.Wolland (Konini) 3
A.V.Udy (Konini) 2
W.J.Crawley (Carterton) 3
I.F.Turley (Red Star) 2
P.R.Spinett (Woodville) 1
G.E.Falconer (Carterton) 1