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1976 Status:
Second Division
Founded 1886 – Affiliated 1893 – Amalgamated 1971
Mr D.B.Wolland
Mr R.T McKenzie
Main ground:
Memorial Park , Masterton
Green and Red

_awbThe change of Selector failed to improve on the poor record of the previous season, although Mr. McKenzie cast his net wide in the search for players worthy of representation. The backs were kept well together and were generally well experienced, but could not match such sides as Taranaki and Hawke’s Bay. The forwards looked promising in the earlier games but their form faded, and this too handicapped the backs.

Rowlands captained the side and was a consistently solid prop and general forward; he reached his century of first-class matches during the season, and was captain of the Southern XV. in the Prince of Wales Cup match and represented New Zealand Maoris – a just reward. Sargent, who had last represented in 1973, a vigorous player for his size; he is a New Zealand wrestling representative, and Peachey were the other props. Peachey, 41 years old, had last represented Wairarapa in 1966, and was still playing good club Rugby. Turley, who was handicapped through a farm accident, locked the scrum with Guscott, a good line-out forward but who was injured in the Waikato match, when the 6′ 4”, 23 year-old new representative Grant was called on and impressed as a promising forward.

The flank forwards called on included the 6′ 3”, 22 year-old Mahoney (son of ex-All Black, Athol Mahoney), who showed promise; McConnochie, a reliable player; Darlington, another newcomer; and Cochrane, a tall vigorous new representative. Clarke who had last represented in 1974, filled in at lock. Taylor, who had last appeared in 1973, was the only forward to play in all 14 matches –  a solid No.8 who covered well and stood out in the line-out where his height 6ft. 3in. was useful; he captained the side when Rowlands was absent. The hooker, McGlashan had a splendid season, raking well and his general play being excellent. He played in all 14 matches as well, but an injury forced him to retire in the final game.

Neil Kjestrup, the 21 year-old full-back, had a very good season – a courageous fielder of the high ball, a good touch-finder and eager to join the backline. He contributed 57 points from his boot. Couch played only once, having elected to join the Senior B Tuhirangi Club for whom he played mostly at second five-eighth,

Barnes, who had last appeared in 1971, was a strong runner and good tackler but had handling lapses; he scored two excellent blindside tries against Horowhenua. With B. G. Martin not available it was hoped Patrick could play at centre, but the arrival of the brilliant little Poverty Bay centre, Huriwai, meant that Patrick again played on the wing where he was a sound performer. Huriwai was a clever attacker and strong tackler. Garter, still only 19 years old, showed improved form in his second season, and more could be seen of him. His two tries against Waikato brought a surprise victory.

After Hugh Kjestrup, elder brother of the full-back, had failed to impress, O’Neill became the regular first five-eighth and had some good games, but on occasions overdid the kicking instead of spinning the ball. Robertson played well behind the scrum but moved to wing where his speed was given scope, when Herangi, a lively young player who had played once in 1974, was brought in. McGilvray, an 18 year-old newcomer, is a promising player.

No players from this Union received National recognition.

19761976 Match Record: Played 14 : Won 4 ; Lost 10

Points : For 120 ; Against 252
* = NPC Second Division
1. May 19, v. MANAWATU (Bruce Steel Cup), at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 0 to 23
Wai-Bush Scorers : N/A
Referee: Mr.B.G.Whale (Wairarapa-Bush)
2. June 1, v. WELLINGTON, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 6 to 25
Wai-Bush Scorers :
N.F.Kjestrup, 2 penalty goals
Referee: Mr.R.A.Brown (Wairarapa-Bush)
3. June 7, v. HAWKE’S BAY, at Hastings
Lost 0 to 45
Wai-Bush Scorers : N/A
Referee: ======
4. June 22, v. NEW ZEALAND JUNIORS, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 3 to 24
Wai-Bush Scorers :
N.F.Kjestrup, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.I.D.Lobb (Taranaki)
5. July 28, v. KING COUNTRY*, at Taumarunui
Lost 3 to 6
Wai-Bush Scorer : N.F.Kjestrup, penalty goal.
Referee: ========
6. July 31, v. WAIKATO*, at Hamilton
Won 28 to 0
Wai-Bush Scorers : K.W.Garter, 2 tries.
Referee: ========
7. August 10, v. THAMES VALLEY*, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Won 20 to 11
Wai-Bush Scorers : W.N.Rowlands, I.F.Turley and A.J.O’Neill, tries
N.F.Kjestrup, 2 penalty goals and conversion.
Referee: Mr.A.Bailey (Wellington)
8. August 14, v. EAST COAST*, at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
Won 18 to 4
Wai-Bush Scorers : A.J.O’Neill and R.E.Robertson, tries
N.F.Kjestrup, 2 penalty goals and 2 conversions
Referee: Mr.W.J.Bringans (Wellington)
9. August 17, v. MARLBOROUGH, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 7 to 13
Wai-Bush Scorers : Hona T.Huriwai, try
L.D.Evans, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.D.Mowat (Marlborough)
10. August 28, v. HOROWHENUA*, at Levin
Won 23 to 12
Wai-Bush Scorers : Michael Barnes (2), B.J.McConnochie and B.B.Patrick, tries
N.F.Kjestrup, penalty goal and 2 conversions
Referee: ========
11. September 4, v. TARANAKI*, at New Plymouth
Lost 10 to 42
Wai-Bush Scorers : N.P.Sargent, try
N.F.Kjestrup, 2 penalty goals
Referee: ========
12. September 11, v. POVERTY BAY*, at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 3 to 6
Wai-Bush Scorers : N.F.Kjestrup, penalty goal
Referee: Mr.J.G.O.Stubbs (King Country)
13. September 18, v. WANGANUI* (Bruce Steel Cup), at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 13 to 19
Wai-Bush Scorers : B.B.Patrick, try
N.F.Kjestrup, 3 penalty goals
Referee: Mr.L.Auckram (Horowhenua)
14. September 25, v. A WELLINGTON XV. (‘B’ Selection ) at Wellington
Lost 6 to 15
Wai-Bush Scorers : P.C.Mahoney, try
N.F.Kjestrup conversion.
Referee: ==========
Wairarapa Bush REPRESENTATIVES 1976 {Total Games}
N.F.Kjestrup Gladstone 13
R.T.Couch Tuhirangi 1
L.D.Evans Greytown
Michael Barnes Woodville 9
E.A.Mason Tuhirangi
R.B.McGilvray Carterton 1
B.B.Patrick Gladstone
Hona T.Huriwai Red Star 11
K.W.Carter Pahiatua
H.G.Kjestrup Gladstone
A.J.O’Neill Red Star
R.E.Robertson Greytown 10
B.H.Herangi Pioneer
N.D.Taylor Featherston
P.C.Mahoney Pahiatua
B.D.McKenzie Tiraumea 1
P.J.Guscott Masterton 6
B.W.J.Clarke Red Star
N.P.Sargent Featherston 10
W.N.Rowlands Red Star 12
G.K.McGlashan Red Star 14
E.J.Darlington Red Star 5
I.F.Turley Red Star
S.L.Cadwallader East Coast
D.M.Matthews Greytown
J.T.Karaitiana Martinborough
W.S.Grant East Coast
R.B.Playle Carterton
B.J.McConnochie Masterton
M.H.Peachey Pioneer
S.R.Cochrane Carterton