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1979 Status:
Second Division
Founded 1886 – Affiliated 1893 – Amalgamated 1971

Mr R.T McKenzie
Main ground:
Memorial Park , Masterton
Green and Red

_awbSuccessful in only one of its 11 matches this season, Wairarapa-Bush had another disappointing season, especially after drawing with the full Wellington side and narrowly losing to Hawke’s Bay in its first two fixtures. A lack of experience in vital areas was noticeable with Ian Turley and Bill Rowlands in the forwards finally retired and Ian Snook and J.A.Cotter in the backs left the area, the former back to Taranaki and the latter to Wellington.

Altogether 32 players were called on, of whom 12 were in their initial season. The outstanding player was the captain Gary McGlashan who was a consistently hard worker and an inspiration to the side. He was well-supported in the front row by Hansen, and 1977 representative, Sargent. McCool, from Hawke’s Bay was an acquisition, but after playing a dominant role in the earlier games he faded later. Actually, newcomer Chris Kapene displayed considerable promise either as lock or prop. John Darlington was the best loose forward but Wairarapa-Bush were lacking in this sphere. Kevin Carter enjoyed another good season, and Kjestrup was sound at full-back and served the Union well.

An interesting selection was that of the Wanganui “veteran” Bob Barrell, as full-back in the last three games. Gilmour had represented North Otago in 1977 and Bruce Cochrane was the 1976 Canterbury representative and New Zealand Junior in 1972. Injuries curtailed the availability of Paul Hawkins and Mike Comford. Andy Earl is a promising 17-year-old.

Only 10 of the previous season’s 29 players appeared again, with Johnston, Herangi, Carter, Darlington and Sargent having last represented in 1977, McGilvray in 1976 and Craig and Dewar in 1975. Paul Hawkins was a member of the New Zealand Colts side, whilst McCool participated in the National trials and was selected a member of the New Zealand side to Australia.

Concern has been expressed at the Senior Championship format, with the only senior side from the former Bush Union, suffering relegation to the “B” grade.

1979 Match Record: Played 11 : Won 1; Drawn 1 ; Lost 9
Points : For 69; Against 174
* = NPC Second Division
1. May 9 v. Wellington at Memorial Park, Masterton
Drawn 16 to 16
Wai-Bush Scorers : —
N.F.Kjestrup try and 4 penalty goals
Referee: Mr K.Hannan (Wairarapa-Bush)
2. June 4 v. Hawke’s Bay* at Showgrounds, Carterton
Lost 3 to 7
Wai-Bush Scorers : —
N.F.Kjestrup penalty goal
Referee: Mr K.H.Lynch (Poverty Bay)
3. July 18 v. New Zealand Juniors at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 0 to 29
Wai-Bush Scorers :  N/A
Referee: Mr B.W.Duffy (Taranaki)
4. August 8 v. Manawatu at Palmerston North
Lost 6 to 35
Wai-Bush Scorers : A.Earl try
N.F.Kjestrup conversion
Referee: =========
5. August 15 v. Poverty Bay * at Gisborne
Lost 3 to 9
Wai-Bush Scorer : N.F.Kjestrup penalty goal
Referee: ========
6. August 18 v. East Coast* at Ruatoria
Won 12 to 4
Wai-Bush Scorers : A.Craig try; K.W.Carter dropped goal
N.F.Kjestrup penalty goal and conversion
Referee: ========
7. August 25 v. Thames Valley* at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
Lost 7 to 12
Wai-Bush Scorers : J.Pereira try
N.F.Kjestrup penalty goal
Referee: Mr G. Anderson (Nelson Bays)
8. August 28 v. Horowhenua* at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 6 to 14
Wai-Bush Scorers : R.B.McGilvray try
N.F.Kjestrup conversion
Referee: Mr M. Haley (Wanganui)
9. September 8 v. Wanganui*  at Wanganui
Lost 0 to 9
Wai-Bush Scorers : N/A
Referee: ======
10. September 11 v. Waikato* at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 4 to 25
Wai-Bush Scorers : B.H.Herangi try
Referee: Mr O.Hutchinson (Hawke’s Bay)
11. September 15 v. King Country* at Taumarunui
Lost 12 to 14
Wai-Bush Scorers : R.B.Barrell 4 penalty goals
Referee: ======
Wairarapa Bush REPRESENTATIVES 1979  {Total Games}
N.F.Kjestrup Gladstone 10
R.B.Barrell Masterton 3
P.L.Johnston Greytown
J.L.Gilmour Tuhirangi 2
B.C.Cochrane Masterton
M.E.Cornford Eketahuna 6
R.B.McGilvray Carterton
K.McCaffery Gladstone 4
A.I. “Tony” Craig Masterton 7
H.F.Reedy Pioneer 1
H.T.Huriwai Red Star
K.W.Carter Woodville
J.G.August Woodville
A.H.Dewar Pahiatua 7
R.W.Hepburn Marist 1
G.Anderson Eketahuna
B.H.Herangi Masterton
P.H.Hawkins Martinborough
E.J.Darlinglon Red Star 10
A. C. Schofield East Coast 1
M.J.McCool Pongaroa United
R.M.Cooper Tuhirangi 10
Q.Hansen Tuhirangi 7
G.K.McGlashan Red Star 11
N.P.Sargent Featherston 10
B.G.Higginson Martinborough
A.E.Earl Tuhirangi
J.R.Pereira Masterton
C.C.Kapene Martinborough
A.C.Cole Featherston
G.C.Price Red Star
S.R.Thompson Gladstone


At the conclusion of the season the team played three matches in Australia.

Played 3 ; Won 1 , Drew 1 , Lost 1

Pts For 27 , Pts Against 38

1. September 22 v. Waaringha Sub-Union.
Lost 12-32

2. September 26 v. New South Wales Combined Services
Drawn 6 to 6
C.C.Kapene try ; N.F.Kjestrup conversion.

3. September 29 v. Hunter Hills
Won 9 to 0

Players appeared in these games as follows:
E. C. Walker (Masterton) full-back (1,2,3) ; M.E. Cornford wing three-quarter (1,2,3)
R. B. McGilvray wing three-quarter (1,2,3); T. R. Craig five-eighths (1,2*,3)
N. F. Kjestrup centre-three-quarter, (1,2,3); R. W. Hepburn five-eighths (1,2)
G. Anderson five-eighths (3); H. T.Huriwai five-eighths (1*,2,3)
B. H. Herangi half-back (1,2,3) ; C. C. Kapene (1,2,3); E. J. Darlington (1,2,3)
R. M. Cooper (1,2,3) N. F. Sargent (1,2,3)7 1,Periera (1,2,3)’ P. Hawkins (1)
G. K. McGlashan (1,3) ; A. C. Cole (1,2,3)’G‘Price (1“,2*); A. E. Earl (2,3); Q. Hansen (2,3*)