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1980 Status:
Second Division
Founded 1886 – Affiliated 1893 – Amalgamated 1971
Mr B.J.Lochore
Main ground:
Memorial Park , Masterton
Green and Red

Successful in six of its 13 matches including five in the National Championship as well as defeating Hawke’s Bay in the Queen’s Birthday fixture, Wairarapa-Bush impressed as a side to be respected. Two of its wins were over Wanganui and Poverty Bay, and they drew with King Country. With Brian Lochore as their new coach, the side played positive rugby.

Douglas Bracewell, making his debut was made captain and directed play ably until injured late in the season. His brother, Mark was a sound first five-eight with a good tactical sense and an accurate boot. Graeme Anderson and newcomer, 19 year old Mark Osborne shared the half-back position and both gave good service. Kevin Carter and ‘Tony’ Craig were the centres with powerful and determined Mike Cornford, who played in every match, a good winger. New representatives 18 year old Terry McKenna and 21 year old Barry Clayton were the other wingers. Neil Kjestrup had another very good season, playing consistently well.

A light lively pack were effective in the loose where Joe Wyeth, a new player who appeared in every match, and three young forwards, 21 year old Paul Hawkins, 20 year old Carl Baker and 19 year old Merv Dudley, the latter two newcomers were prominent. Mike McCool in line-out and scrum, and Gary Patrick were solid workers. The front row comprised the experienced Nigel Sargent, Gary McGlashan and Chris Kapene. The 18 year old Andy Earl shows promise. In many ways the outstanding player and certainly the most promising was Carl Baker, who filled the No. 8 position extremely well.

Neil Kjestrup received a New Zealand trial.

1980 Match Record: Played 13 : Won 6; Drawn 1 ; Lost 6
Points : For 167 ; Against 158
* = NPC Second Division
1. May 14 v. Wellington at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 03 to 16
Wai-Bush Scorers : —
N.F.Kjestrup penalty goal
Referee: Mr G.M.Northcott (Wairarapa-Bush)
2. June 2 v. Hawke’s Bay at Napier
Won 15 to 11
Wai-Bush Scorers : M.A.Bracewell (Drop Goal) ,
N.F.Kjestrup 4 penalty goals
 3. June 25 v. Italy at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 09 to 13
Wai-Bush Scorers : M.E.Cornford , try
N.F.Kjestrup 1 penalty goal , 1 conversion
Referee: Mr p.Arthur (Auckland)
4. June 30 v. Manawatu at Memorial Park , Masterton
Lost 07 to 10
Wai-Bush Scorers : J.G.Wyeth, try
M.A.Bracewell , Drop Goal
Referee: Mr J.Holland (Wairarapa-Bush)
5. August 9 v. Thames Valley * at Waihi
Won 17 to 03
Wai-Bush Scorer : C.D.Baker, A.I.Craig, P.H.Hawkins , tries
D.W.Bracewell , Penalty Goal , Conversion
6. August 13 v. Waikato* at Hamilton
Lost 10 to 37
Wai-Bush Scorers : M.E.Cornford , try
N.F.Kjestrup 2 penalty goals
 7. August 17 v. Taranaki* at New Plymouth
Lost 03 to 16
Wai-Bush Scorers : N.F.Kjestrup penalty goal
8. August 20 v. East Coast* at Memorial Park, Masterton
Won 35 to 00
 Wai-Bush Scorers : M.E.Cornford (2) , K.W.Carter, C.C.Kapene, N.F.Kjestrup tries
D.W.Bracewell 3 Penalty goals,  3 conversions
Referee: Mr M. Haley (Wellington)
9. August 26 v. King Country* at Rugby Park, Pahiatua
Drew 09 to 09
Wai-Bush Scorers : N.F.Kjestrup (3) penalty goals
Referee: Mr M. Haley (Wellington)
10. August 30 v. Wanganui * at Memorial Park, Masterton
Won 17 to 12
 Wai-Bush Scorers : G.W.Anderson (2) tries
N.F.Kjestrup (3) penalty goals
Referee: Mr D.Buckland (Wellington)
11. September 6 v. Poverty Bay* at Memorial Park, Masterton
 Won 23 to 12
 Wai-Bush Scorers : M.E.Cornford, C.C.Kapene, M.J.Dudley , tries
N.F.Kjestrup (3) penalty goals , 1 conversion
Referee: Mr R.Morgan (Marlborough)
12. September 13 v. Horowhenua* at Levin
Won 12 to 00
Wai-Bush Scorers : C.D.Baker , try
N.F.Kjestrup (2) penalty goals , 1 conversion
Referee: ——
13. October 4 v. An Invitation XV at Memorial Park, Masterton
Lost 07 to 19
Wai-Bush Scorers : R.E.Robinson , try
T.McKenna (1) penalty goal
Referee: Mr K.B.Hannam (Wairarapa-Bush)
Wairarapa Bush REPRESENTATIVES 1980  {Total Games}
N.F.Kjestrup (Gladstone) 13
P.Croucher (Carterton) 2
M.E.Cornford (Masterton) 13
B.C.Cochrane (Masterton) 1
T.McKenna (Eketahuna) 7
B.Clayton (Red Star) 4
R.E.Robertson (Greytown) 1
A.I.“Tony” Craig (Masterton) 5
K.W.Carter (Woodville) 9
D.W.Bracewell (Pioneer) 8
M.A.Bracewell (Pioneer) 11
B.B.Patrick (Gladstone) 1
H.G.Kjestrup (Gladstone) 5
M.Osborne (Red Star) 6
G.W.Anderson (Eketahuna) 7
M.J.Dudley (Red Star) 7
J.R.Pereira (Masterton) 3
M.J.McCool (United Pongaroa) 12
A.E.Earl (Tuhirangi) 3
J.G.Wyeth (Masterton) 13
B.G.Higginson (Martinborough) 3
G.K.McGlashan (Red Star) 13
N.P.Sargent (Featherston) 13
A.C.Cole (Tuhirangi) 1
R.B.Playle (Carterton) 2
C.D.Baker (Greytown) 11
G.W.Patrick (Gladstone) 11
P.H.Hawkins (Martinborough) 5
C.C.Kapene (Martinborough) 8
G.Tina (Eketahuna) 4