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Second Division
Founded 1886 – Affiliated 1893 – Amalgamated 1971
Main ground:
Memorial Park , Masterton
Turquoise jersey with scarlet collar and cuffs, red shorts, green socks with red bands

The 1993 season was another poor one for Wairarapa Bush. The team did not win any games the only joy coming from draws against Otago XV, Poverty Bay and Manawatu. Second division status for 1994 was maintained but only just, by drawing the desperate last game of the season with neighbour Manawatu. Heavy defeats were inflicted by first-division Hawke’s Bay and Bay of Plenty, Nelson Bays and‘ Counties in the championship round.

Having lost a number of the previous year’s players through retirement, unavailability and changing unions, this team was largely comprised of young players new to representative rugby. The move to Wellington by star back Marty Berry was of particular significance — the backline needed someone of his experience to function properly.

There were some promising individuals, however Robert Rutene was a solid, dependable fullback. James Shirkey was again an exciting wing when given the chance. Midfield back Quentin O’Neale was a fine defender. Paul Roache showed good promise and improved as the season progressed. Halfback was shared between Mark Percy and Neil Foote who both had their moments. These players also appeared in other positions.

The forwards, although lacking height, functioned well. Captain Daren Guildford performed well when not hampered by injuries. Bruce Bowie was again a fine servant on the flank. Fellow loose forward Dean Bassett improved on last year’s promise and was Wairarapa Bush’s best forward. At lock Vernon Boyce was a hard worker who had a fine season and he was ably supported by Englishman Martin Rackham. Gavin Cayless at hooker played well and was never far from the ball. Anthony Holtham, Shane Coley and Merv Mason scrummaged well when called upon at prop.

Higher honours went to:
New Zealand Divisional XV: M.J.Berry (before transferring to Wellington).

1993 Match Record: Played 13 ; Drew 3 ; Lost 10
Points : For 176 ; Against 478
(NC) = National Championship
1. May 4 vs Hawke’s Bay, at Hastings
Lost 03 – 83
Wai-Bush Scorers : Roache (1) Penalty
Referee: Mr P.W.B.Boyden (Hawke’s Bay)
2. May 19 vs Horowhenua, at Masterton
Lost 13 – 21
Wai-Bush Scorers : Gardner , try
Roache (1) Conversion , (2) Penalties
Referee: Mr J.Wilson ( Wanganui)
3. June 15 vs Otago XV , at Masterton
Drew 22 – 22
Wai-Bush Scorers : Cayless, O’Neale, tries
Foote (4) Penalties
Referee: Mr S.A.Hannan (Wairarapa Bush)
4. June 24 vs Wanganui, at Napier
Lost 20 – 29
Wai-Bush Scorers : Guildford, Awa, Percy , tries ; Roache (1) Conversion, (1) Penalty
Referee: Mr I.L.Clarke (Poverty Bay)
5. August 14 vs Bay of Plenty, at Rotorua (NC)
Lost 03 – 72
Wai-Bush Scorers : Foote (1) Penalty
Referee: Mr K.R.Skipper (Auckland)
6. August 17 vs Poverty Bay, at Gisborne (NC)
Drew 17 – 17
Wai-Bush Scorers : Pohorama, try
Roache (3) Penalties, (1) Drop Goal
Referee: Mr C.R.Garrett (Thames Valley)
7. August 21 vs Nelson Bays, at Nelson (NC)
Lost 09 – 48
Wai-Bush Scorers :
Roache (3) Penalties
Referee: Mr L.Bray (Otago)
8. August 28 vs Southland, at Masterton (NC)
Lost 08 – 16
Wai-Bush Scorers : Bowie, try
Roache (1) Penalty
Referee: Mr E.T.Mason (Wanganui)
9. September 4 vs Counties, at Masterton (NC)
Lost 11 – 64
Wai-Bush Scorers : Shirkey , try
Foote (2) Penalties
Referee: Mr K.O.G.Beckett (Nelson Bays)
10. September 8 vs South Canterbury, at Masterton (NC)
Lost 05 – 22
Wai-Bush Scorers :
Mita , try
Referee: Mr N.J.McAlister (Manawatu)
11. September 11 vs NZ Combined Services, at Masterton
Lost 13 – 23
Wai-Bush Scorers : Shirkey , try
Roache (1) Conversion, (2) Penalties
Referee: Mr J.Francis (Wairarapa Bush)
12. September 18 vs North Auckland, at Masterton (NC)
Lost 30 – 39
Wai-Bush Scorers : Bassett,Foote, O’Neale, tries
Roache (3) Conversions, (3) Penalties
Referee: Mr C.H.Jackson (King Country)
13. September 17 vs Manawatu, at Palmerston North (NC)
Drew 22 – 22
Wai-Bush Scorers : Bassett , try
Roache (1) Conversion, (4) Penalties, (1) Drop Goal
Referee: Mr N.L.Wilkinson (South Canterbury)
Wairarapa Bush REPRESENTATIVES 1993 + {Total Games for WBRFU}
A.D.K.Awa Pioneer 11
D.A. Bassett Puketoi 21
B.D.Berrie Puketoi 49
V.M.Boyce Martinborough 37
G.M.Cayless Marist 12
L.Christiansen Red Star 21
R.E.Clatworthy Marist 3
S.C.Coley Masterton 7
M.R.Cross Greytown 1
N.M.Foote Greytown 16
B.T.Fox Pioneer 2
G.N.Gardner Featherston 7
N.Graham Pioneer 3
D.W.C.Guildford Greytown 21
A.J.Houltham Marist 10
A.M. Kainuku Pioneer 4
N. McLeod Martinborough 1
M.M.Mason Pioneer 7
N. Mita Pioneer 2
M. O’Connor Carterton 20
Q.G.O’Neale Masterton 19
M.B.Percy East Coast 13
W.Poharama Carterton 5
M.Rackham Carterton 10
J.E.Reedy Martinborough 12
P.A.Roache Eketahuna 10
P.Rodgers Greytown 3
R.l.Rutene Carterton 19
J.Shirkey Martinborough 30
D.A.Spicer Greytown 1
J.Sutherland Marist 8
G.Williams Martinborough 8