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Highlights WBRU AGM 2024

Highlights from the Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union Annual General Meeting held on 5 June 2024.

Final 2023 Annual Report for the 53rd AGM

Life Membership: Doug Bracewell was awarded a Life Membership to the Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union for services to Wairarapa Bush Rugby as a former representative player, coach, captain, Vice President and President of the WBRU, Pioneer player, coach, administrator and his additional contributions to the wider Wairarapa sporting community.

Life Member Rex Playle, President Steve Thompson, Life Member Doug Bracewell, Past President Bunter Anderson, Life Member Farry McLeod

President: Steve Thompson replacing Graeme Anderson.

The members congratulated Steve Thompson on his appointment and thanks was given to Graeme “Bunter” Anderson and his wife Mary, for the contribution as President and to the wider rugby community as his as a leader and mentor.

Independent Board Members: Robyn Cherry-Campbell and Ben Gill were appointed for a three-year term as Independent Board Members along with incumbents Jason Carruthers and Sharon Parker.

The Board thanked outgoing Independent Board Member, Brady Bingham for his enormous contribution to the board and rugby in the community.

Council of Club Appointments for 2024: Tavita Isaac and Charlie Bargh

Patron: Eric Kenny was reappointed as Patron of the WBRU.

Player Numbers: 2,277 Up 5% on 2023 and 19% since 2021

Financial Results:

Net Operating Surplus before Club Distributions, Asset Depreciation and Revaluations $72,130.

Net Operating and Equity Loss after Club Distributions, Asset Depreciation and Revaluations ($26,790)

Net Equity: 2023 $1,697,443 (2022 $1,725,249)

Tony Hargood
Chief Executive
Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union