WBRU Code of conduct breach resolution process 2022

Code of Conduct breaches
Resolution management process

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Resolution management process
To support safety, wellbeing and fair play, Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union (WBRU) has a disciplinary process in place to address issues when they occur.

When issues happen – processes to follow

• When a club member’s actions and behaviour on the sideline and/or in the rugby football club’s (RFC) clubrooms is unacceptable, we need to ‘Red Flag’ the behaviour.
• The initial response is for clubs to discuss the concerns with the person involved to seek a resolution of the issue and agreement on the acceptable behaviour that’s expected.
• This includes getting beside overly vocal parents, supporters or coaches and encouraging them to tone down their comments with the message, “Let’s keep it positive”.
• If this does not resolve the issue, there are more formal actions that may follow, including disciplinary hearings.

Consequences for unacceptable behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour should be addressed by the RFC and/or WBRU, with people first being cautioned, after which the following sanctions would apply for repeated offending and/or non-compliance with any sanctions that are imposed.

1. Suspend offender’s RFC membership

i. RFC suspends the membership and access to clubrooms, grounds and all facilities of the offending team official/parent/supporter for a period of time determined by the RFC management.

2. Citing made to WBRU

i. Formal citing of the alleged offender’s serious misconduct for unacceptable/ offensive behaviour to WBRU.
ii. The offender(s) appear before a convened judicial hearing where they may be liable to sanctions outlined in the New Zealand Rugby Union Disciplinary Rules (The Black Book), which are updated and published each year.

3. Issuing a Trespass Order – for repeatedly offending and/or non-compliance with the sanctions imposed under points 1 and 2 above

i. Banning offender(s) from the RFC and/or WBRU clubrooms, grounds and all facilities for a period of up to two years.

4. Making a formal complaint with NZ Police – for serious, offensive or violent offending

i. RFC and/or WBRU make a formal complaint of the alleged offender’s serious, offensive or violent behaviour to the Police.
ii. RFC and/or WBRU immediately issue a trespass order banning the offender(s) from clubrooms, grounds and all facilities.

Things to note:

1. Public domains, playing fields and facilities where the RFC and/or WBRU are responsible for the organisation of a scheduled fixture are deemed to be under the jurisdiction of the RFC and/or WBRU during the period of the fixture. Given this, the RFC and/or WBRU have the authority to obtain a Trespass Order for repeated and/or non-compliance with previous sanctions that have been imposed.

2. Suspension of the RFC’s membership does not exclude the offender(s) from:

i. being issued a Trespass Order or being cited for their unacceptable behaviour
ii. being required to appear before a WBRU judicial hearing
iii. a formal complaint for serious, offensive or violent behaviour being made to the Police.

More information
For more information or queries about the Code of Conduct or disciplinary process contact:
Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union
Office: 149 Dixon Street, Masterton 5840
Phone: 06 378 8369
Email: info@waibush.co.nz