Sir Brian Lochore Rugby Foundation

Sir Brian Lochore Rugby Foundation
The Sir Brian Lochore Rugby Foundation (BJRF) will be managed by no more than five (5) foundations for a term not exceeding 3 years and made up of.

  • Up to three from the rugby community as appointed by the WBRU Board. (WBRU to consider diversity and skills)
  • One paid employee of the WBRU as appointed by the WBRU CEO.
  • One member or nominated member as appointed by the Lochore family.

The Foundation Members will elect their own Chair.


To award grants to the value of approximately $5,000 per annum and awarded as follows:

Rugby Community Grant (Total value $4,000).

To make individual grants (total value of the grant pool of $4,000 and with no grant exceeding $500.00) to any player, coach, administrator and referee who is registered to Wairarapa Bush in the current year to cover any of the following costs;

  • Selection to a regional team e.g. any Hurricanes camp or team
  • Selection to a national team e.g. NZ Heartland
  • Selection to any regional or national tournament e.g. Referee appointment to a HL or Hurricanes age group tournament. (Professional tournaments or teams are excluded)
  • Participation in any regional or national education program for administrators, coaches or referees e.g. DRC, NZRU specialised courses
  • Any player who has suffered hardship while representing any approved Wairarapa Bush representative team through injury which is not covered by the NZ Rugby Foundation or ACC.
  • In special cases, the BLRF may award a grant for hardship which relates to an event while participating in community rugby which is not specifically covered by ACC or the NZ Rugby Foundation.
  • Award grants that do not fall within the set criteria but in the view of the Foundation members, they see a genuine benefit to the applicant and or the WB rugby community.

No grant can be awarded for a player who makes a WBRU representative team which is funded by WBRU e.g. Heartland, U20, U18, U16, Barbarians or Women.

Further Education Award (Total Value $1,000)
The Two (2) Further Education Grant (value $500 each) are to be presented at the WBRU Annual Awards
A $500 Scholarship towards any player who at the completion of their college playing career has committed to playing in the Wairarapa the following season.
A $500 scholarship towards any coach, referee or administrator who wishes to pursue extra study, courses, or attendance at development days (e.g. Hurricane training days, NZRU governance courses).

BJRF Governance
The BJRF will independently govern their own processes.
The BJRF decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into after the awarding of grants.
The WBRU Board will not advise or enter into any correspondence with applicants who are applying to the BLRF.
The WBRU Board, will have final determination of the BJRF if the WBRU Board believes the BJRF is not meeting its intended purpose. Any WBRU board determinations are at the sole discretion of the WBRU Board.

The BJRF will provide an annual report to the WBRU board, no later than 31 March of each year. The report will cover the following:

  1. Grant Meeting Dates held
  2. Attendees
  3. One page Executive Summary
  4. List of Applicants
  5. List of Successful Applicants
  6. Summary Profit and Loss (WBRU to provide the financial reports)
  7. Bank Balance
  8. Recommendations

Grant Meetings and Minutes
The BJRF will meet no less than 3 times per year or more as called for by the Chair.
Minutes of the meeting are to record the following

  • Attendees
  • List of all Grant Application
  • Grants Approved/Declined
  • Projected bank balance after Grants Approved

Minutes are to be sent to the WBRU CEO to be included as part of the WBRU Board meetings.

Grant Applications
All grants can only be approved if they are submitted using the official application form attached (Schedule One).

Grant Determination
The Foundation will determine annually (1 April) the amount available to distribute for the year.

No individual grant can exceed $500.00 unless there is a unanimous decision by the Foundation Members.

Grant Application Criteria
Open to any player, coach, administrator and referee who is registered to Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union in the current year of the application.

Revenue Generation
The BJRF will establish an Event and Financial Calendar by 1 April and submit to the WBRU Board, (Refer Schedule Two)
The WBRU will endorse and provide any financial support to the agreed Event and Financial Calendar.

Sir Brian Lochore Rugby Foundation

DOWNLOAD – Official Application Form – CLICK HERE

Applications are to be sent via email to the Chief Executive Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union at

Sir Brian Lochore Rugby Foundation

Annual Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation  
Life Members Club Final Lunch – Collection and Auction  $  1,000.00
WBRU Annual Contribution  $  2,500.00
BJ Lochore Golf Tournament (Net)  $  5,000.00
Bucket Collection: Club Finals  $  1,000.00
Bucket Collection: 3 Heartland Games (Supporters Club Assistance)  $  1,000.00
Total Revenue  $10,500.00
Less Grant Allocation  $  5,000.00
Net Proceeds to Bank Account  $  5,500.00

Golf Days – Club Rotation

Year One Eketahuna, Puketoi, Wahine Toa
Year Two Featherston, Tuhirangi, Martinborough
Year Three East Coast, WB Referee, Gladstone
Year Four Carterton, Greytown
Year Five Masterton Red Star, Marist, Pioneer