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Wairarapa Representatives ~ 1914
BACK ROW: J.Ewington, L.Johnson, G.Yates, W.Fitzgerald, D.How, A.Hodge, L.Johnson, A.Cauldron, J.Ashton,S.Munns. MIDDLE ROW: A.Tait, S.Dickson, A.Desmond, A.Booth (Manager), H.J.McKenzie (Captain), G. Ross,W. Darvill. FRONT ROW: W. Redmond, C.Groube, K.Donald, J.Clark.

anzacOnly days after Newspapers reported (5th August 1914) that Britain had declared war on Germany, Wairarapa were already under way in their 1914 season with a record of 1 win against Hawkes Bay and 1 loss to Wellington so far  they then travelled to Stratford for the third game of the season.A Ranfurly Shield attempt against holders Taranaki as they looked to defend the Shield for the 5th time since wrestling it off Auckland at the end of 1913.

Ranfurly Shield Match #34
13 August 1914
Taranaki 22 – 03 Wairarapa

Wairarapa were the challengers at the Stratford Showgrounds on Thursday 13 August. Light rain fell during the play, and the ground was sodden. The first spell was hard fought and the 11 points’ lead by the holders was flattering. A passing rush from Brown out to Young, saw the winger streak over near the corner. 3-0. The amber forwards rushed to the line where Patterson dropped over to score by the posts, Stohr converting. 8-0. From a scrum at the 25, Brown passed to Young, via Colman and Cameron, and the fleet-footed Stratford player galloped over at the corner. 11-0.

On resumption, from a scrum near the line, Wickens passed on the blind side to Redmond who crossed near the corner. 11-3. C.Whittington grabbed the ball, beat three men and ran hard along the sideline from past halfway to evade three more defenders and when faced by the fullback left him standing too, the young Stratford winger going over near the posts, Stohr converting. 16-3. Cameron ran from halfway to the 25 and then passed to Taylor, who sent on to Young, the winger running over for an easy try. 19-3. The amber forwards crashed to the line, when Brown flashed out a pass to Colman to Cameron to Young, who ran over for his fourth try. 22-3.

Taranaki: L.B.Stohr*; C.Whittington, S.Cameron, C.F.Young, J.D.Colman*; C.Brown*, R.Taylor*, W.Rowlands, W.McCook, R.Patterson, J.Kissick, O.M.Young, J.Robertson, H.Dewar*, H.G.Whittington.

Wairarapa: G.Masson, W.Redmond, A.Tait, H.Matson, J.Blackmore, C.Groube; E.Wickens, F. Brough, L.Johnson, A.Johnson, D.Ross, H.A.Hodge, H.J.McKenzie (capt.), W.A.Morris, A.Desmond.

The referee was Mr W.J.Meredith of Wellington.

The Wairarapa captain, Bert McKenzie, had represented North Island the previous year, whilst Alby Desmond had done so in 1911 and 1912.

Wairarapa ~ Appearances 1914
G.Yates (Mast.Red Star) 1
G.Masson (Carterton) 6
W.Redmond (Carterton) 6
W.Fitzgerald  (Mast.Red Star) 2
H.Matson (Gladstone) 5
A.Matson (Gladstone) 1
B.Mason (Gladstone) 3
W.Darvill (Mast. Red Star) 2
D.Diggins (Southern United) 1
C.Groube (Carterton) 5
Geo.Ross (Mast. Red Star) 2
J.Blackmore (Mast. Red Star) 6
S.Henderson (Gladstone) 1
A.Tait (Southern United) 7
E.Wickens (Mast, Red Star) 5
F.Groube (Carterton) 2
P.Wynyard (Mast. Red Star) 1
A.Desmond (Carterton) 8
H.J.McKenzie (Carterton) 6
D.Ross (Mast. Red Star) 8
H.A.Hodge (Gladstone) 8
Alex.Johnson (Gladstone) 6
Land.Johnson (Gladstone) 8
S.Dixon (Mast. Red Star) 1
F.Brough (Southern United) 6
J.Clarke (Mast. Red Star) 5
A.Golder (Mast. Red Star) 2
A.Morris (Southern United) 4
P.Bourke (Gladstone) 1
J.Blake (Carterton) 1

Played 8 – Won 2 – Lost 8 – Pts For 35 – Pts Agst 89

1.June 3, v. HAWKE’S BAY, at Napier
Won 5 to 3
Wairarapa Scorers:  A.Hodge, try; H.J.McKenzie, conversion.

2.June 20, v. WELLINGTON, at Carterton
Lost 3 to 6
Wairarapa Scorers: Lander Johnson, try.
Referee: Mr. A. E. Booth (Wairarapa)

3.August 13, v. TARANAKI (Ranfurly Shield), at Stratford.
Lost 3 to 22
Wairarapa Scorers:W.Redmond, try.

4.August 15, v. WANGANUI, at Wanganui
Lost 6 to 24
Wairarapa Scorers: H.J.McKenzie, 2 penalty goals.

5.August 19, v. MANAWATU, at Palmerston North
Lost 4 to 12
Wairarapa Scorers: G.Masson, dropped goal.

6.August 22, v. SOUTH AUCKLAND, at Masterton
Lost 0 to 14  
Referee: Mr. B. Chapman (Wairarapa)

7.August 27, v. CANTERBURY, at Masterton
Lost 0 to 22
Referee: Mr. B. Chapman (Wairarapa)

8.September 17, v. OTAGO, at Carterton
Won 17 to 8
Wairarapa Scorers: J.Blackmore, F.Brough and S.Henderson, tries; H.J.McKenzie, dropped goal and 2 conversions.
Referee: Mr.A.E.Booth (Wairarapa)

Match Report article as published Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume LXVIII, 14 August 1914
Match Report article as published Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume LXVIII, 14 August 1914