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Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union 49th AGM and Board Notices (Updated)

15 May 2020
Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union 49th AGM and Board Notices (Updated)

At the WBRU Board meeting held on 7th April 2020 and 12th May 2020, the following decisions were made:

Postponement of the 49th WBRU AGM.
The AGM has been postponed until Tuesday 30th June 2020. This is on the premise that the lockdown will be reduced to Level 1 or 2 and all delegates will be able to attend in person.
The WBRU Board wanted to have the opportunity to update all members with the best information at that time. The WBRU will be recording a modest surplus for 2019.

2020 Affiliation Fees
The WBRU board wishes to advise all clubs, if rugby is played in 2020, the WBRU will NOT be charging any affiliation fees for either junior or senior rugby clubs.

Nominations and Retirements for presentation at the 49th WBRU AGM
The WBRU board has received one nomination for Vice President
Graeme Anderson. Nominated by Eketahuna Rugby Club, seconded by Carterton Rugby Club.
There have been no further nominations for Vice President.
Bryan Weatherstone will be retiring at the AGM after completing his 2-year term as President.
Doug Bracewell, current Vice President, will be put forward as the new President for a 2-year term.
There are no selected appointments for Independent Directors required at the AGM.

The WBRU Board has made the following remit to go forward to the 49th WBRU AGM.
The purpose of the remit is to allow the President, who is an elected member of the WBRU delegates and represents the whole of rugby, to become part of the board membership model and be allowed to vote.
The remit allows for an extra vote when it comes to matters relating to the importance of rugby within our community.
The Remit to be moved by the Chairman of the WBRU (J Carruthers)
Changes to the Constitution
Part Six – The Board
Insert new section 6.2 (a) (iii) The President of the WBRU
Under section, Part Seven – Officers, 7.1 The Officers of the Union, A, Executive Officers
Change Section 7.1 A (a) to read
“The President, who shall hold the office for up two years shall be part of the WBRU board and will be entitled to vote”

On behalf of the WBRU Board
Tony Hargood
Chief Executive
Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union.