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2016 Wairarapa Bush Rugby Award Nominees

To Club Secretaries, Club delegates, School Sports co-ordinators, The WBRRA and The Wairarapa Bush Supporters Club,

Thank you all for sending in the nominations for the upcoming Wairarapa Bush Rugby Awards Dinner.  The support was fantastic, the nominees were all worthy of their nomination and the effort everyone went to was very much appreciated.  The independent selection panel met this afternoon and we are pleased to be to tell you the finalists of each of the categories who are:

2016awardsFarry McCleod Trophy: Volunteer of the Year
Katie Ralfe (East Coast)
George Rodger (Carterton)
Cath Thompson (Gladstone)

David Galvin Trophy: Administrator of the Year (Senior)
Diane (Toots) Boswell (Featherston)
Rachael Colton (Martinborough)
Sean McBride (Gladstone)

Ron Hughes: Administrator of the Year (Junior)
Rob Baker & Dianne Pillar (Marist)
Richard Fairbrother (East Coast)
Neil Rodger (Carterton)

Eric Kenny Trophy: Personality of the Year
Morrie Holmes (Greytown)
Paddy Mason (Pioneer)
Epeli Rayaqua (East Coast)

Mrs A McPhee Trophy: Premier Player of the Year (Women)
Kahli Tipene (Eketahuna)
Samantha Tipene (Eketahuna)
Paige Walker (Eketahuna)

Pat Shannahan Trophy: Premier Player of the Year (Men)
Eddie Cranston (Gladstone)
James Goodger (Marist)
Tavita Isaac (Greytown)

Rutene Family Trophy: College Player of the Year
Soli Malatai (Makoura College)
Rhys Reiri (Wairarapa College)
Ben Renton (Rathkeale College)

Kingi Matthews Trophy: Maori Player of the Year
Joe Feast (East Coast)
James Goodger (Marist)
Rhys Reiri (Wairarapa College)

Lane Penn Trophy:   Top Coach of the Year
Ben Fox (Pioneer)
Andy McHardie (Marist)
Eli Telford (Greytown)

Baden Whale Trophy: Top Referee of the Year
Chris Jefferies
Shay O’Gorman
Alistair Payne

Sir Brian Lochore Trophy:  Supreme Award – Club of the Year

Could you please let the various finalists who belong to your club/college/association know that they will be given one free ticket to attend The Awards Dinner.  If they wish to purchase any extra tickets, they cost $50 per person and can be purchased through Margie Holmes, by contacting her by email at or on her mobile 0274 733 182.  We would really like them to be present at the Awards Dinner.

If finalists could RSVP through you, Margie Holmes will then touch base with you on Wednesday to finalize ticket numbers for your club/school/association, unless you confirm with her earlier.

As the occasion is a formal event please can you ask the finalists to dress appropriately?  (Players, number ones and College students, School uniform)

Congratulations to all finalists, we certainly are looking forward to another great night.

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