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Rugby introducing new formats in 2020 to widen appeal

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Rugby introducing new formats in 2020 to widen appeal

Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union will introduce a whole new suite of rugby and multisport competitions and programmes next year designed to encourage new players and volunteers to sign up, and entice
back those who have hung up their boots.

Wairarapa Bush CEO Tony Hargood said the changes would include Touch Rugby options, Quick Rip for adults, Rippa Rugby and school holiday programmes, post-primary programmes, 10-a-side competitions and a new version of 15s called “Game On” for games below premier rugby.

“This is an exciting time for rugby with lots of fresh thinking and innovation. We’re going to make the game suit the players, rather than trying to make the players fit the game. In essence, it’s players, coaches and referees first.

“We know how important rugby is to our communities and we want to make sure people can be involved in a way that suits them. New Zealand Rugby has done some great thinking around this and involved all the Provincial Unions in their plans. We have a new five-year strategy to help us grow rugby in the community,” he said.

Hargood said the changes may enable rugby and variations of the game to be offered for 12 months of the year and will cover the whole of the Wairarapa.

A presentation by NZRU and WBRU staff on the framework and “Game On” will be held at the Greytown Rugby Club Wednesday 18“ September 2019 6pm.

All interested coaches, players and club representatives are welcome to attend.

Tony Hargood
Chief Executive
Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union

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