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Update – Lets Keep Connected

Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union

Update – Lets Keep Connected

To the Wairarapa Bush Rugby community and the whole of the Wairarapa, THINK SAFE AND BE KIND.

Today the country enters a new way of life for the next four weeks.

Hopefully you are all set up and have enough support and family around you to make the most of the coming days. Our thoughts are with you.

Governance Update

The Heartland CEO’s and WBRU Board met yesterday via video conference.

We have all agreed, PEOPLE and FAMILIES first.

Club and Rugby update

There will be video conference for all delegates (JAB and Clubs) this Thursday night 7pm.

Stacey Puddy will be contacting the delegates over the next few days with the details on how to connect.

The video call will be an update on the rugby scene and a Q & A session.

Resilience Modelling

Over the last week, all Provincial Unions have been running different models and scenarios.

Of the 3 or 4 different Wai-Bush models we have completed, all have positive outcomes, though each model requires changes to take place – the “new norms”.

The Wairarapa Bush Board wish to state, we have a great amount of confidence that we will come through this relatively unscathed and if not, in a better position.

Club Rugby

Getting clubs up and running again in whatever format is a priority.

We are running some different scenarios again to see what this looks like.

We are also looking at what financial and social support we can provide to the clubs once we are up and playing again.

To our Sponsors and Supporters

Your support over the years has been amazing, we want to return the favour and support you in any way we can. If there is a way we can help or assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on 0274-738-367.


This is a priority now, keep in contact with them and we wish you all the very best. Feel free to “shout out” to your team-mates, families and supporters on our Facebook page.

Let’s stay connected.

Tony Hargood
Chief Executive
Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union

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