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REMINDER : WBRU 49th Annual General Meeting


Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union 49th Annual General Meeting
 Tuesday 30th June 2020
All Welcome
Venue: 149 Dixon Street, Masterton, Wairarapa Bush Club House, Time: 7.00pm
Agenda Item
1.     Presidents Welcome
2.     Apologies
3.     Bereavements to 31 December 2019
4.     Roll Call of Voting Delegates
5.     Minutes of the 48th AGM
6.     Matters Arising
7.     Adoption of the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2019.
8.     Appointment of Independent Board Members
9.     Election of Council of Club Board members
10.   Consideration of remits
11.   Appointment of Patron
12.   Appointment of Auditors
13.   Appointment of President
14.   Appointment of Vice President
15.   Life Membership
16.   Remuneration (if any) of Board members
17.   General Business
18.   Closing of meeting
19.   Non AGM Business – Wairarapa Multi Sports Stadium Trust (refer below)

Schedule of Remits
The WBRU Board has made the following remit to go forward to the 49th WBRU AGM.

The purpose of the remit is to allow the President, who is an elected member of the WBRU delegates and represents the whole of rugby, to become part of the board membership model and be allowed to vote. The remit allows for an extra vote when it comes to matters relating to the importance of rugby within our community.

The Remit to be moved by the Chairman of the WBRU (J Carruthers)

Changes to the Constitution

Part Six – The Board
Insert new section 6.2 (a) (iii) The President of the WBRU

Under section, Part Seven – Officers, 7.1 The Officers of the Union, A Executive Officers

Change Section 7.1 A (a) to read:

The President, who shall hold the office for up two years shall be part of the WBRU board and will be entitled to vote

Currently there are 6 votes (4 independents and 2 C of C). This will increase the number of votes to 7

Non AGM Business – WBRU Club delegates to vote on the nomination for the WBRU representative for the Wairarapa Multi Sports Stadium Trust