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Joe Harwood steps down as Farriers Wairarapa-Bush Coach

18 October 2020

Media Release

Joe Harwood, the Farriers Wairarapa Bush Heartland Coach has stepped down after six years involvement with the team and the Union.

Joe had indicated to the WBRU at the end of the 2019, that 2020 would probably be his last after six years involvement:  two years as Assistant Coach under Josh Syms and four seasons as Head Coach.

WBRU is deeply indebted to Joe for his commitment and dedication to the role. Joe has achieved many outstanding results over the years. While coming within a whisker of making the Meads Cup final in 2019 was a disappointment, it was also a credit to the outstanding work that Joe, the coaching and management team had built up over the three year period fostering a culture of high performance in the team.

In 2017 the WBRU approved a “local player” and a ‘building within’ strategy and Joe has been at the forefront of implementing this new direction. This has now proven to be an integral part of the Wairarapa Bush philosophy to encourage local players.

WBRU and the rugby community sincerely thank Joe for his two decades of dedication to Wairarapa Bush as a representative player, Captain of the Heartland team, Assistant Coach and Head Coach. A record that no one can deny as short of being outstanding.

WBRU will be meeting this week to discuss the process to advertise the role with an aim to naming the new Farriers Heartland Coach by early December. The Union has been working over the years to ensure we had a great depth of local coaches who are entrenched in the Wairarapa Bush’s philosophy of building within.

To Joe and Nicola Harwood thank you, we commend you both on your dedication to the rugby community.

Tony Hargood
Chief Executive
Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union